Beauty Q & A: 3-D Scalp Tattoo Treatment for Hair Loss

Question: Despite getting most of my hair back after suffering from alopecia, my hairline still looks a bit uneven. My therapist recommended a scalp tattoo for hair loss. But I’m scared it will look fake, of the side effects, etc. I would be so grateful for any info you have on this. –Donna, London

Answer: The best natural-looking scalp tattoo treatment is by Tracie Giles, the queen of 3-D hair simulation. It’s the side effect-free solution for uneven hairlines, for smaller discreet areas of hair loss caused by alopecia, chemotherapy and extensions, etc. Plus, the semi-permanent 3-D mineral pigment used in scalp tattooing is anti-allergy tested, antiseptic, non-bleeding and resistant to colour change. So you can feel confident without the worrying cons.

After the initial consultation for hair loss, Tracie, using callipers and cosmetics pencils, finds the perfect hairline shape for you. Before the ‘scalp tattoo for hair loss’ process begins, she uses an anaesthetic gel to take the sting out of the series of tattooing strokes. Then, to suit hair and scalp colour, skin tone, etc., Tracie whips up a matching mineral tattoo mixture.  After applying the latest hair simulation technology and series of beautifying hair-like strokes, you feel heavenly, instead of other-worldly, with a natural-looking hairline.  And expect to be enjoying the hat-free hassles of this scalp tattoo treatment for nine to 24 months*.

Tracie Giles’ semi-permanent scalp tattoo for hair loss treatment, price based on assessment and follow-up appointments, is available at

*Duration of the scalp tattoo treatment depends on the skin colour of the area and lifestyle.

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