At EvolvingBeauty.co.uk, we aim to change the way beauty is represented by changing the way it’s presented.  By providing you with both practical beauty and empowering beauty, we want to show you how to make the best of your natural beauty, not make you into the conventional one. It’s about letting your outer beauty reflect the one within.

Through our commitment to both practical beauty and empowering beauty, we want to help readers find make-up that actually compliments their African, Latin American or Asian skin. We want to help the reader who wants to minimise the appearance of a scar that reminds her of a near-fatal accident non-invasively. We want to help the reader who lost both breasts to cancer by giving her hope with a new reconstructive breast surgery for cancer survivors. We want everyone to see that there is such a thing as empowering beauty. There is such a thing as practical beauty in this industry that makes beauty seem time-consuming and arduous.

So there is something for everyone, from organic beauty products, to new beauty treatments, to ethnic beauty, to budget beauty, to non-invasive procedures, to restoration. We want everyone who has felt ignored by this industry, whether it was due to their morals or their ethnicity,  to feel represented. And that means not only writing both empowering beauty and practical beauty for everyone, but also having women of every ethnicity and age represented in our images.

EvolvingBeauty.co.uk was actually inspired by a woman with a scar on her arm caused by an accident. It was through her I learned the meaning of empowering beauty:

Since her wedding day was coming up, she wanted what any bride wants: to look and feel beautiful in her strapless gown. So she emailed the beauty magazine I was writing for at the time.  After researching, I found two practical beauty treatments, normally used as enhancements, which would help: HA fillers and cosmetic tattooing.  I emailed her the names of a cosmetic physician and tattoo artist we had on  file. After her initial consultations, both the cosmetic physician and the cosmetic tattoo artist agreed to give both practical beauty treatments for free. In her follow-up email, she beamed with confidence and radiance in the pictures she attached from her wedding. But what struck me the most was what she wrote in her empowering email:

‘When I got rid of the scar, I got rid of the daily reminder of that accident. I got back some of the day-to-day normality it had taken from me.’

I learned the meaning of practical beauty. It’s when enhancement is used for restoration. And, I realised the true meaning of empowering beauty. It’s when you can get back some of what was taken from you. And we at EvolvingBeauty.co.uk want to give both to you.

We hope you’ll find EvolvingBeauty.co.uk a friendly, fun, practical and empowering place for all things pretty.



Christina Caicedo






Christina, editor@evolvingbeauty.co.uk

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