Beauty Q & A: Amberoc, A Natural-Looking, Semi-Permanent Hairpiece for Thinning Hair

Question:  I’ve been suffering from alopecia for a year. Because I still have a thick(ish) hairline, I usually comb it over my almost bald crown and tie it all up in a low ponytail. But I’m really tired of wearing my hair like this every day. Plus, you can still see the bald patch. With Christmas coming up, my wish is to finally find a natural-looking hairpiece for thinning hair. I’m looking for one that actually looks like the rest of my hair, is comfortable, doesn’t need glue, etc.  – Brianna, London

Answer:  AmbeRoc Volumiser, a semi-permanent, glueless hairpiece for thinning hair on the crown or hairline, will give you those natural-looking locks you’ve longed for. AmbeRoc goes as fabulously far as to find human hair to match the texture, colour, and length of your own hair.  Now for the serious beauty bonuses: their hairpieces for thinning hair are so comfortable you can even workout normally; they give your hair a healthy rest from daily styling; and a professional mobile/freelance stylist can come straight to your door for fitting.

So how does it work? AmbeRoc Volumiser hairpieces for thinning hair are made up of a silk and lace base. Individual strands of human hair are hand tied into the silk while the knots are protected by the lace underneath. And the silk colour is even matched to your scalp colour. How’s that for an undetectable delight?

Next, the hairpiece’s strands are looped together with small sections of your own hair along the border of the crown using small plastic rings. Then the plastic rings are clamped together using pliers. And you can forget about the rings pulling out your own hair. Regular re-grooming will stop the hairpiece from moving (and pulling) as your hair grows.

So what about workouts and washing? During the fitting, which takes 45 mins to an hour, the stylist will tailor the attachment to your lifestyle and the hairpiece for thinning hair comes with washing instructions.

The AmbeRoc Volumiser, hairpieces for thinning hair on crowns and hairlines, £1000, is available from these mobile/freelance stylists. Regular re-fitting every six weeks is recommended.

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  1. Hello there, stumbled on this post looking for hairpieces for a runner friend of mine who has alopecia. Out of the hairpieces she’s tried, she didn’t like any of them (looked fake, had to remove before workouts, too much hassle to put on by herself) So this sounds like something that would work for her. I was so glad (and happily surprised) to this kind of content on a beauty site! Cheers!

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    We are glad you like the article. What makes AmbeRoc so different is when we create a hair solution it will always be made down to the last detail from; the hair texture, length, colour, type of base and of course a tailor made fit. These are all really important factors as to why AmbeRoc hair is so beautiful. We feel by doing this we can meet as many specifications from the person as possible making it feel like their own hair. However what we pride ourselves on is that we always try to create Amberoc hair to suit the person’s lifestyle.

    If your friend or yourself would like to discuss AmbeRoc products and services in anymore detail please do not hesitate to contact us:


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