Area H₂O: Hair Care for Hard Water, Even Medium and Soft Water, Too!

Area H₂O saves your strands from hair-ravaging minerals found in hard, medium or soft water. It works by rinsing away those mad mane-causing minerals and volume-zapping residues for better hair days. Since I live in London, i.e. hard water hell, my strands needed some industrial-strength hair care for hard water.

If you’re not sure what type of water you have, just take a look at the map and find your location’s water type. Then pick the right hair care, available in fine, normal or coloured, for your water type. My strand saviour: Area H₂O Shampoo and Conditioner for Hard Water-Normal Hair.

Washing with the hard water shampoo, my hair felt clean. I mean, squeaky clean. For the first time in three years of hair terror, I actually heard and felt that squeak when I rubbed my palm against my head. That’s because this hair care for hard water removes listless-causing limescale and strand-shaming (insoluble) salt. When I looked at my reflection in the tiles, my hair didn’t look like a big matted mess. My hair was sleek, smooth—and detangled. (I get the sort of tangles that cause whiplash by combing.) It did what no other so-called hair care for hard water could do. Detangle. And that’s before the hard water conditioner. And I have to say, that conditioner was a second dose of delightful smoothness.

More pretty pluses: this hair care for hard water, including medium and soft water, is paraben free, biodegradable, concentrated and more.

Area H₂O’s shampoo for hard, medium of soft water–normal, fine or coloured hair is £9.95; conditioner hard, medium of soft water–normal or coloured hair is £9.95; and dual packs (shampoo and conditioner set) are £17.50. Available at:

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