Go Light with Portable Natural Perfumes, Fragrance Pots and more

For better beauty that’s truly better for your skin and because they’re light weight, your back, we found some bag-friendly natural fragrance pots that offer a serious scent-spoiling selection. What’s more, we also found an atomiser to make those full-size natural perfumes more portable without the spillage or changing the scent because it’s made of glass.

Space-Saving Natural Fragrance Pots
Available in 30 lust-after scents, AEOS (Active Energised Organic Skincare) natural Fragrance Pots, £12.99 each, are made from a sumptuous, sweet-smelling blend of essential oils, plus beeswax, jojoba oil, shea butter and more to moisturise. (Yes, you read that right: the fragrance is marvellously made only from essential oils.) From Gentleness to Joyful, you can find a natural fragrance pot to suit your mood and give you a beautifying scent boost during the day without spills or taking up space in your bag. Just dab on your wrists and pressure points.

Natural Perfumes Made Portable
Certified organic by The Soil Association and cruelty free by BUAV, BalmBalm’s Mini Set of Seven Single Note Eau de Parfums, £6.99, come in 2ml vials that you can wear alone or combine to make more natural perfume scents. For what note goes with what, click here. (All their natural perfumes are made with just two ingredients: organic essential oil and grain alcohol.)  Or if you prefer the full-size version of their Single Note Organic Eau de Parfums, 33ml, £20 each, but don’t want to lug them in your bag, you can still make this or any natural perfume portable with the FLO atomiser, £9.99. Just spray or pour your fave natural perfume into the bottle and it seals tight so you never have to worry about spills. Beauty bonus: because it uses glass, instead of breathable plastic, your natural perfume will keep its scent. Choose from the 4.7ml (around 77 sprays) or 7ml (120 sprays) atomiser. Available at: Boots.com and Amazon.

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