Banish the Bloat Instantly with a Natural Detox Massage

For bloated bellies and swollen, aching legs, the Lava Shells Glacial Detox Massage marries healing heat with calming cold to relax away water retention, boost circulation, ease cramps (both IBS- and period-related ones) and more. This deliciously natural detox massage does this by using biodegradable ingredients to create heat in a 100% natural Lava Shell and the heat-drawing power of two chilled Glacial Shells. So, this natural detox massage is truly an eco-friendly way for limps to feel lighter and tummies to look flatter instantly.

So how do these shells work? The Lava Shell in this natural detox massage is made from 100% natural and recycled tiger calm shells, which are polished and glued together. Into the tiny hole made in the shell, a mixture of natural elements, such as magnesium, iron and more, is combined with saline (salt and water) solution to create an exothermic reaction that results in stress-melting heat. A cap is securely placed to keep all that heat in. On the other hand, the two chilled Glacial Shells in this natural detox massage are made by hand from porcelain and crushed shells. Poured into the tiny hole made in the shell is a mixture of lava gel, sea kelp, marine algae, water and more to draw heat away from the body. Then the shells are capped and placed into a freezer for two hours.

The massage: with each long glide of the shells across the area, this natural detox massage’s hot and cold sensations help to dilate and constrict blood vessels, which jolt circulation. Plus, the angles and edges of the hot and cold shells on the sensory points help to further drain inch-adding fluid retention. By combining hot and cold, this natural detox massage gives our lower bodies something we all crave: better lymphatic drainage. Thus, it is perfect for pampering away that pre-menstrual belly and aching, sore, swollen legs. What’s more, this natural detox massage, from £55, helps to breakdown fatty tissues and the deep abdominal massage is like a natural colonic, helping the digestive system, with the soothing side effect of easing cramps from IBS or your period. Basically, with each movement, these shells help the body to lovingly liberate itself from water-retaining toxins while quelling digestive issues, resulting in lighter-feeling legs and a flatter tummy in 55 minutes.

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