Beauty Q and A: A Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment with No Downtime, Perfect for Love Handles and More!

Question: Ever since I had my second child, I’ve been struggling to get rid of my ‘love handles‘ and those pockets of fat stuck to my inner thighs, not to mention my post-baby tummy. But no amount of diet or exercise seems to work. It’s so hard to find clothes in my size that fit everywhere else but don’t emphasise my embarrassing bulges. Is there a safe (and possibly painless) non-surgical fat reduction treatment you might know about? – Kiera, London

Answer: CoolSculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment slims down those stubborn-to-shift, easy-to-pinch places, such as pesky fat on the inner thighs, love handles, wobbly underarms, post-baby tummies and more. Without anaesthetic, needles, downtime or pain. And it’s so painless you can even nap or tap away on your laptop during the treatment. What’s more, one treatment is usually all that’s needed to whittle down those stubborn places that stand between you and fitting comfortably in your dress size.

This non-surgical fat reduction envelopes the fatty bulge, delivering controlled cooling to underlying fat cells, without damaging the surface skin and nearby tissue. During the cooling, icicles build up in the fat cells, which causes them to swell and break (cryolipolysis). Then, the dead fat cells are removed by the immune system. After just three weeks, you can enjoy the slimmer results with the full and firmer effects seen in two to four months.

So what does it feel like? This non-surgical fat reduction feels like pressure rather than pain, along with with a cool, numbing sensation. A session normally lasts between one to two hours, depending on the area being treated. Patients see a 20% fat reduction (average) and can return to work right after the treatment.

Side effects of this non-surgical fat reduction treatment include: temporary tenderness and/or swelling and numbness, which goes away in a few weeks on the affected area(s).

CoolSculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment, from £800, is available at Bijoux MediSpa in London. To find this treatment at a clinic near you, visit

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