Beauty Q and A: Painless Laser Hair Removal for the Face and Body that Feels Like a Warm Massage

Question: As I’m going through menopause, I noticed facial hair where I didn’t have any before, such as my chin. And I’ve noticed the hairs between my brows, chin and my upper lip grow back quickly, too. So I have to take my tweezers with me to work and dash to the loo if I feel any hair. I would love to get a laser hair removal treatment but I heard it’s torture. Is there a safe, painless laser hair removal that can be used on smaller areas of the face? – Helen, London

Answer: From bikini lines to between the eyebrows, Soprano Ice’s painless laser hair removal gets to those hard-to-reach places while taking the scorching burn out of getting hair-free forever. Thus, this hair-liberating process feel like a heavenly hot stone massage. Plus, it can be used on all skin types and  on tanned skin. So it’s the year-round hair removal of choice. Moreover, there is no need for numbing gels, no downtime and very minimal side effects.

How it works: Other laser hair removal systems use large amounts of infrared diode laser-heat energy to zap the follicle, stopping it from sprouting a new hair. Soprano Ice’s SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology delivers less heat but with faster delivery, while its encircled sapphire tip cools the skin at the same time. And speaking of time, Soprano Ice’s painless laser hair removal delivers more energy than Soprano XL so you get a quicker smoothing session. Moreover, this dual delight’s high fluency system also comes with some other serious beauty bonuses, such as better bristle-free results for all skin tones, including tanned skin, and for light-coloured hair.  What’s more, with it’s new lighter ergonomic design, this hair-removing wonder offers follicle freedom for those delicate, hard-to-get-at places, such as the ears, nose, and more. Lastly, this painless laser hair removal’s IN-Motion gentle-sweeping technology puts a prettier and more permanent stop to patchy hair removal.

Soprano Ice’s painless laser hair removal, from £55, is available from Courthouse Clinics at the MYA Fenchurch Street branch, London, in May.

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  1. I’ve never heard of painless laser hair removal! Never thought it could exist because obviously the supercharged heat from the laser is the part that kills off the hair, and that pain was exactly what put me off – I’m such a wuss, I cant even deal with waxing! lol! I tried pulsed light hair removal but lasted one session and didnt go back cuz of the pain :(. But NOW im really up for this – lets hope i’ll find a clinic nearby that does this (or that my clinic will introduce this ‘cuz i really liked them)!

    Thanks so much for the post! ♥

  2. Thank you, Abby! We try to give you a painless, healthier and safer alternative to everything beauty.

    You should definitely try Soprano Ice! It’s not painful at all. It’s very warm and occasionally, you get a pinch-like feeling that lasts a second. And it takes a fraction of the time other hair removal techniques take! And afterward, the skin is a bit warm and a little pink but that goes away and you don’t even notice it!

    Compared to other laser hair removal treatments, there is no flaking of the skin, redness, pain or any other horrors. That’s what put me off ever getting anything done. So, Soprano Ice was a perfect alternative.

    Send me an email: and I can try to find a place near you.


  3. I had laser hair removal before and coudl bear the pain on my legs but not on my face or bikini line. would love to have a go with this!

  4. This seems to be too good to be true! Hopefully it isn’t, I’ll be looking this up for sure.

  5. how much a full body treatment will cost ??

  6. Sorry for the tardy reply, Nandini. A full body treatment package is from £450 but please, go and have a free consultation so you can get an exact cost. There are two clinics and you can find info at the bottom of this article:

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