Restore Eyes with Ping, a Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift Treatment

Question: With my crepe-like, droopy top lids and lines under my eyes, I look like a very tired 55 year-old woman, instead of the young 45 year-old that I am. But what concerns me most is that my eyes don’t match the rest of my face, since I have very few wrinkles and my skin is pretty taut. I’ve looked into having eyelid surgery, though I’m terrified of going under the knife. Then I thought if anyone knew of a less invasive way, it would be Evolving Beauty magazine. So is there such a thing as a non-surgical eyelid lift? – Rachel, London

Answer: Yes, there is a non-surgical eyelid lift treatment aptly called Ping. It gives a multi-beautifying effect by lifting droopy eyelids, restoring tautness to crepey skin, brightening dark circles, smoothing those lines that streak across under eyes and more. All without surgery. And you’ll be enjoying the beautifying benefits of this lifting and smoothing non-surgical eyelid lift for two to three years.

Ping’s non-surgical eyelid lift uses the youth-inducing power of pulsed uniform radiofrequency (dermal heating) and tiny controlled microablations in the epidermis. ‘Radiofrequency energy shrinks the over-stretched, loose coils of collagen deep in the dermis, tightening saggy, crepey skin. It’s like shrinking a cotton dress in a warm wash. And it stimulates more elastin and gets your fibroblasts to make more tautening collagen, too. Meanwhile, the controlled microablations resurface skin by removing tiny areas for a smoother, more radiant effect.’ Dr. Sabika Karim, medical director at Revere Clinic, explains. So what does this non-surgical eyelid lift feel like? After numbing the skin using an anaesthetic cream, a hand piece is placed over the area and generates a hot energy pulse that lasts less than second.

Side effects of Ping’s non-surgical eyelid lift: redness, flaking and swelling that lasts two to three days, followed by a period of dryness that lasts a week. But the best part: the seriously smoother, tighter and more radiant results start to show on day 12 or 13.

Pre-treatment, Dr. Sach Mohan, founder and inventor of Revere Clinic, recommends that patients use vitamin A or C creams to boost the body’s ability to heal itself to (you guessed it) reduce downtime and get the best results. Post-treatment, keep the skin moisturised for the first two days, avoid the sun for two to three weeks and you can exercise by day four.

Ping’s non-surgical eyelid lift is not for  people with a history of eczema, psoriasis and other hyperproliferative skin conditions.

Ping’s non-surgical eyelid lift treatment, from £400, is available at Revere Clinic in London. The eyelid lift is a 50-minute treatment with 40 minutes of cream time and just 10 minutes for the actual treatment. One to three non-surgical eyelid lift sessions with four-week intervals inbetween are recommended.

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  1. I am a 65 year old lady who suffers with severe dry eyes and occasionally blepharitis. Do you think I would be a suitable candidate? I have been told by eye specialists that I would not be able to undergo eye lid op’s because of my eye problems.

    • Please, read my response to Kim’s question.

      All the best,
      Christina, editor

  2. I am very interested in the Ping treatment, but I did read not suitable for people with psoriasis. I had psoriasis years ago and it is left now on my elbows only, would this be okay? I live in Cornwall and wondered where is the nearest place to get information from.
    Many thanks and kind regards,
    Kim Barker

    • Hi Kim,
      In the article, it’s stated that Ping is not suitable for people with ‘a history of eczema, psoriasis and other hyperproliferative skin conditions’. To make sure, you might want to double check with Revere Clinics, as Ping is exclusive to them. Since they are London based and you live in Cornwall, you might want to ring them to save you a trip.

      All the best!
      Christina, editor

  3. 1.Is this treatment suitable for a 62 year old female?.
    2.If 2 to 3 sessions are recommended, is the cost circa £400.00 per “Session” or for the entire treatment?

    Thank you

    • Hi Brenda,
      A consultation with the wonderful people at Revere Clinics or another reputable, certified and professional clinic would determine what is the ideal treatment for you, depending upon your skin type, etc. Please note: Ping is exclusive to Revere Clinics. As for the cost, it’s from £400. The total cost would depend on the number of treatments, etc. It’s best to go in for a free consultation to determine if this is the right treatment for you, the cost, etc.

      The team at Revere Clinics is incredibly professional and sweet.

      All the best,
      Christina, editor

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