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Question: ‘Though I’ve never had acne in my teens, I now have spots in my twenties. And they are not just on my face but on my chest, back and shoulders, too. So I’m always covering my face with make-up and my body with cardigans, even in warmer weather. Nothing I’ve tried worked and the pills I’ve been recommended by doctors come with too many side effects that it doesn’t seem worth it. Do you know of a safe, side effect-free natural acne treatment that reduces scars, too?’ – Trina, Bristol

Answer: A pill- and side effect-free way to smoother skin, RejuvaLight Diode Light Acne Facial is a safe natural acne treatment that uses blue light to get rid of spot-causing bacteria (P. acnes) that lives on our skin. Plus, it can be used to treat the spots you have now and put a smoother stop to future breakouts. And this natural acne treatment is for any skin type and can be used anywhere on the body, including the shoulders, back and chest. To reduce scars, your treatment provider can combine the clearing magic of the blue light with skin-rejuvenating red light, which boosts skin-plumping collagen and elastin.

After your skin is prepped, goggles are placed over your eyes to protect them from the light. Then RejuvaLight’s blue light is switched on for 30 relaxing minutes. The blue light is absorbed by the P. acnes bacterial cells, creating unstable free radicals, which cause the cells to become unstable and die. But, you won’t feel a thing. You’ll just have a lovely, warm glow after the natural acne treatment. Though the speed of the smoothing results depend on each person, typically patients notice a difference three to four sessions in.

Post-natural acne treatment, don’t use sunbeds, avoid wearing make-up for 24 hours and apply full-spectrum sun protection for two to three days after a session. This treatment is not for: pregnant women, people who are photo-allergic, those who have epilepsy or anyone taking any medication that causes light sensitivity, such as tetracycline.

RejuvaLight Diode Light Acne Facial, a natural acne treatment, is just £30 for a 30-minute smoothing session. (Six to eight treatments are recommended.) To find a clinic in the UK near you, visit

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