Beauty Q & A: The Best Dermal Filler for Less Downtime and with More Lasting Power!

Question: Because I’m starting a new job in media, where I’ll be in front of the camera, I want to do something about the scar on my chin. Though its groove isn’t deep, it’s still noticeable, even with make-up. I’ve heard of doctors using dermal fillers for scars. But I don’t really have time for the side effects, such as swelling, that can last for days I’ve read. So, what is the best dermal filler for minimal downtime?  –Darla, Scotland

Answer: One of the best dermal fillers for minimum downtime is Stylage. This wonder HA filler gives us what we want: less pain, less swelling and more staying power. Though the Stylage range is used for lips, tear troughs, wrinkles, etc., the best dermal filler for a superficial scar is Stylage S. Because its side effects don’t last as long as other fillers, it is the best option for those who don’t have time for downtime.

So how does it work? Stylage’s dermal fillers use mannitol, an antioxidant, to neutralise pesky free radicals caused by the injection. (It’s these free radicals that cause the days of icky swelling, pain and other side effects.) But with Stylage, swelling in the lip area, for example, lasts an average of two hours, instead of a few days. So, this dermal filler is the best when it comes to minimising downtime. And even more treatment treats: Stylage has been formulated for more staying power, even the softer dermal fillers in range. Plus, with its smaller needles, you’ll feel and see less of the sting.

Stylage, the best dermal filler, from £330, is available from Bijoux MediSpa and at select clinics in the UK.

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