Beauty Q & A: Transform Dry, Irritated Skin After Shaving into Silky, Smooth Legs

Question: ‘Constantly shaving my legs over the summer months has left my skin feeling dry and irritated, how can I get silky, smooth legs?’ -Maria, Brighton

Answer: ‘Dry, irritated skin after shaving your legs constantly happens to a lot of women,’ says Arezoo Kaviani, one of the UK’s leading beauty therapists and hair-removal experts. After all, every woman wants hair-free skin. So, here are her shaving tips to get silky, smooth legs again:

Tips for Shaving Legs- One: Get the right razor. It’s a good idea to shave your legs with a razor specially designed for sensitive skin. Make sure to change it regularly as a blunt razor will give you dry, irritated skin.

Tips for Shaving Legs- Two: Have ice cubes handy. A swear-by must for silky, smooth legs. To close pores quickly and soothe any irritated skin after shaving, rub an ice cube(s) over your legs immediately.

Tips for Shaving Legs-Three: Smooth on the moisturiser. Using a good moisture after shaving will replenish the natural oils that get washed away to prevent dry skin after shaving.

Tips for Shaving Legs-Four: Try a hair-minimising lotion. The will keep those silky, smooth legs lasting longer. The new Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser, £4.99, available at Boots’ stores nationwide, works wonders.

Using a dermatologically tested ingredient, ProMinimise, it will leave you with silky, smooth legs while preventing your hair from growing back so quickly with natural botanical extracts that target hair follicle activity. So, you don’t have to shave so often. Make sure to use it daily, especially after shaving your legs.

And since there are two formulations, one for Dry Skin with aloe vera and one for Sensitive Skin with vitamin E, you can get rid of dry, irritated skin after shaving and get silky, smooth legs no matter what your skin type.

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silkysmoothlegs_arezookavianiBy: Arezoo Kaviani, the first person to introduce the Brazilian wax to Britain, is one of the UK’s leading beauty therapists and hair-removal experts with a loyal celebrity clientele.

Her beauty salon is located in Knightsbridge, London.

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