Smooth and Lift with BioEnergetics, a Natural Anti-Aging Treatment

Going through a tough 18 months that now showed on my face, I indulged in chemical-free, ridiculously skin-smoothing and healing natural anti-aging treatment: Beauty BioEnergetics. And I needed it because when I say that the past 18 months showed on my face, I meant it. I looked at a picture of myself taken six months ago and then I looked in the mirror. I mean really looked in the mirror. Lines sneakily streaked across my under eyes and between my brows almost overnight, putting 5 years on my face. Lines that I never saw a hint of before. And it’s no surprise as it’s been a hellish 18 months with legal battles and the death of two friends, who were suffering with cancer. What’s worse, because of the legal issues, I couldn’t even fly home to attend their funerals.

Now that time has passed and things are settling, I really wanted to look like the person I was before all this happened. I thought that maybe if I looked like myself, I could remember who I was and try to be that person again. So, my friend recommended Beauty BioEnergetics. It’s a natural anti-aging treatment that does double-beauty duty: smoothing wrinkles and speeding up the body’s natural healing system.

How it works:  All living beings generate an electromagnetic field that helps the body’s cells to work normally, regenerating tissues like skin, quelling inflammation, neutralising wrinkle-causing free radicals and more. But when the electromagnetic field becomes unbalanced by lifestyle, free radicals, toxins, stress and more, your cells don’t work as well and this is when your body’s health starts to show up in those less-than-flattering lines, wrinkles, bags, etc. on your face.

Like acupuncture but without needles, Beauty BioEnergetics’ natural anti-aging treatment uses eight pads on the face, which deliver pulsed electromagnetic waves to rebalance your electromagnetic field and in turn, rebalance your cells so they work properly, with beautifying effects. More treatment treats: it just doesn’t affect your face; this rebalances the body, too, in a cascading effect.

After my make-up was removed, Paula Ruane, who specialises in stress and pain management for busy women at The Juggling Goddess, placed eight pads on my face. (The pads can be used on sensitive skin and even the adhesive has been used on babies.) This natural anti-aging treatment was like a very mild buzzing that I could barely feel. Not painful at all. Paula, who was friendly, patient and so informative, adjusted electromagnetic fields during the 40-minute natural anti-aging treatment. It was so nice just to lie down, listen to calming music and feel comfortable, safe and at ease, after such a difficult time. I realised that I had forgotten how to relax and this was helping me to remember.

After the natural anti-aging treatment’s pads were removed, I felt so light and at peace. And the side effects were amazing, too: for the first time in a long time, I was more optimistic and calm, yet energetic and this already showed in my face after one treatment. Plus, I had the most gorgeous sleep that night!

This natural anti-aging treatment is not for patients who are pregnant , those who have a pacemaker and more.

Beauty BioEnergetics’ natural anti-aging treatment, £65 for single sessions and £450 for 8 sessions, is available at The Juggling Goddess in London. Six to eight natural anti-aging treatments are recommended to see and feel the full beautifying benefits at the body’s natural pace.

By: Christina Caicedo

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