How to Choose the Best Beauty Products for Your Money

To pick the best beauty products for your money, all you have to do is remember the four m’s: M, ml, marking and money. That’s the way we at EB magazine have managed to go green and still have some of it in our purses. (And of course, we will continue to spoil Evolving Beauty readers with affordable organic beauty products to keep their purses feeling bountiful.) But with the four m’s, you’ll be able to be even more fabulously frugal by picking out the best beauty products, even among the affordable ones, to milk the most of that product and your money.

Choosing the Best Beauty Products by looking at M
The 12M, normally at the bottom of the ingredients label, stands for 12 months. So after you open it, your product has a shelf life of 12 months. So, the best beauty products are the ones with the higher shelf life, especially if they are products you aren’t going to use every day.

Choosing the Best Beauty Products by Milking those ml’s
The first thing we normally do before we buy a product is look at how many millilitres it has. Then we compare it to other ones and if it’s going to be used every day, the one with more ml’s is the best beauty product. For example, if you shampoo your hair every day, you need to find a shampoo and conditioner with 500 ml or more to get the most out of your money. If you find two brands with the same or similar amount of shampoo, divide the price by the millilitres to find out the price per ml. But don’t be fooled by the packaging, namely on organic brands, because they tend to skip that part, making the bottle look much smaller. We couldn’t believe the height difference between the bottle of our fave natural hair serum, TommyGuns Dew Drops, and the ones we used. The TommyGuns one looked like it had only half of what was in the other one. This didn’t sit well with my ridiculously frugal Mexican upbringing. I can hear my mother’s voice yelling: ‘¡Tan loca!’ But guess what? They were both 50ml! And the TommyGuns serum was cheaper! So always look at the millilitres.

Choosing the Best Beauty Products by Marking How Long it Lasted For
Put a sticker on your products and write down the date of when you bought it and opened it.  When it’s finished, look at the date on the sticker before you toss it.  Did it last three months and you wish it would’ve lasted longer? Then, you need to find a product with more ml’s. Are you throwing it out after its 12M shelf life with product still in it? Then, you need to find a product with less ml’s or buy the travel version, etc. Think of all these things when you trying to pick the best beauty products for your lifestyle. You want to make sure you use almost all or ideally, all of the product within its shelf life. This is so important when you are switching brands or making that leap into a more gorgeously green lifestyle.

Choosing the Best Beauty Products by Asking is it Worth the Money?
You’re sitting there thinking, Yeah, I knew that. But the best way to show you what I mean is this example: I was spending £18 on my fave mascara, one of the best beauty products I’ve ever found to work its curling magic on my stubbornly straight lashes. After two months, I would see clumps and it, along with its £18 value, was seen in my bin. For something that I was going to toss out every two months, I needed to find something way cheaper, the same amount in millilitres, with a 3M shelf life. And I found a natural mascara for £1.99. Yes, it took some trial and error. But, I found the best beauty product for my straight lashes for a fraction of what I was paying¡Yo no soy loca!

If you’ve got any fabulously frugal tips on how to choose the best beauty products for your money, let us know at Or post your tips in the comments section below to share your savviness with your fellow Evolving Beauties.

By: Christina Caicedo

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  1. Good tip about adding a sticker with the date on, I could never remember when I bought cosmetics. Thank you!

  2. These are great tips for choosing beauty products. I’ll keep them in mind when buying cosmetics. Thanks!

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