Boost Inch and Pound Loss with Healthier Slimming Products

To give your diet and exercise routine a boost of inch- and pound-losing power, we have two healthier slimming products. And we mean healthier as in retraining how you think so you’ll find dieting fabulously simple. And the other slimming product is as simple as putting on a pair of leggings, shorts or a top to whittle away the inches.

For inch loss: Proskins Slim Anti-Cellulite wear is one of the simplest ways to lose those latched-on inches, slim those limbs and smooth cellulite without sweating or shapewear’s torture-esque tightness. So how do they work? Their slimming products work like true multi-tasking marvels: the graduated compression fabric applies pressure to different parts of the body to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage (pumping excess fluid, i.e. water retention, back into the blood’s circulation). And less fluid retention means less inch-adding water. Plus, each of their slimming products contain microcapules woven into the fabric that carry slimming, skin-tightening delights, such as caffeine, which stops dimple-causing fat nodes in the dermis by  boosting blood flow; retinol, which stimulates collagen (the protein that keeps skin taut and gives it a nice tone); moisturising aloe and more.

More pretty pluses: the garments last for 100 washes and the full-length tights are 50% off when you take the free Proskins Challenge. Or choose from their other slimming products: shirt, £55, capris leggings, £45, or the nude shorts, £30, or knee-length shorts, £40, perfect summer slimming products to go under skirts and dresses. Note: Wear the slimming products  eight hours a day for 28 days to gain the maximum effect (up to 2 cm of fat loss).

Natural Slimming Products: Thinking Slimmer SlimpodsFor permanent weight loss: Thinking Slimmer let’s you think your way to a thinner you and gain control by simply listening to one of their must-buy Slimpods for 10 minutes each day. What’s more, their slimming products are the ultimate in both losing weight and lasting slimming success. Because, each of Thinking Slimmer’s Slimpods help you drop those pounds and won’t-budge bulges by retuning your mind. So you’ll eat when hungry and stop when you’re full. Plus, these slimming products were created by their Harley Street team, based on over 10 years of experience. So forget fad diets that drain you of energy, time-consuming calorie counting or wit-losing willpower.

And the only slimming side effect: most people find that they actually want to get active, too, because Thinking Slimmer’s Slimpods help your mind to make those lasting changes. So these slimming products really help you to be forever fit.

Select from these popular slimming products: Be the Belle of the Bride to whittle your way into your dress and keep it off; Drop a Dress Size for those who’ve lost weight and want to lose those last few inches that stand between them and clothes-fitting freedom; Create that Summer Beach Body to help you look svelte in your swimsuit and stay that way, £29 each.

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