Dare-to-Be-Different Skin Care Products: Organic Beauty Products

Today, we are celebrating three truly different skin care brands and their star products, such as a candle that turns into a body-moisturising marvel. Sound good? Plus, it’s an organic beauty product. In fact, everything on the list is. Sound even better? Read on and reap the beauty benefits of our dare-to-be-different skin care products.

Heaven: This daringly different skin care has three must-try organic beauty products for the face, among the many, we love. The Bee Venom Mask, £23.30, 15 ml, uses (you guessed it) bee venom to create a slight tingle. This tingle boosts the circulation to your skin, giving your face that post-holiday glow. Use it as an organic beauty skin care mask or a moisturiser. Perfect for when you look like you need a holiday. The next is their SOS Oil, £38. Soothing skin with organic calendula oil, it’s the turn-to saviour for when the harsh weather turns on you. Last is their Age Defiance Cream, £23.30, 30 ml.  What makes this skin care delight different is that it retains water in the skin, making your face appear plump. Another beauty bonus, it has tea tree oil so even spot sufferers can use it, too.

Forest Secrets Skin care: Ever wish for an organic skin care product that tailors to your facial skin’s ever-changing needs? Well, Forest is the one-stop organic serum for you. Choose the Anti-Ageing Starter Pack, which uses plant-based collagen to plump the skin. It comes with two bottles: the argan oil-infused iRejuvenate Plus Elixir and the collagen-rich Serum. Or choose the Anti-Blemish Starter Pack, which uses matsuke mushroom to stop melanin (a skin pigment) darkening from spots. It comes with two bottles: the iRejuvenate Plus Elixir and the mushroom-containing iBright Serum. So how does this different skin care product tune itself to you? Using the two bottles’ pipettes and following the instructions, just drop different amounts of this organic beauty product onto your palm, depending on your skin type. Mix and apply to your face. Simple. Both divinely different skin care product packs are £70 each.

Philip Martin’s Organic Italian Lifestyle: Remember that organic beauty candle, £39.95, (0845 458 2825 or enquiries@candyharbour.co.uk), we mentioned earlier? Yes, it’s the different skin care product that does double-duty as both a candle and a body cream moisturiser for dry skin, too. So how do you use it? After the soy-based candle melts, scoop out this candle-turned-moisturiser’s melted body cream with a spatula (be careful not to touch the flame) and smooth away on your body.

See, we can look oh-so stunning without putting oh-so-many chemicals on ourselves and into the environment. All we have to do to make a difference is use different skin care products like these.

Stay tuned for our next article on organic beauty products that are purse friendly, too.

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