Fabulously Frugal: Affordable Organic Beauty Products under £15

Since you loved our budget organic beauty article so much, we are giving you another delicious dose of affordable organic beauty products for spring and year-round. This time everything in our fabulously frugal list is under £15, from organic tanners to sunscreen. After all, we want to let your outer beauty reflect the one within. And that means picking products that reflect your principles no matter what your budget.

Affordable Organic Beauty Products for the Face
: A true example of evolving beauty, Sarah, founder of Laidbare, stirred up the market by making affordable organic beauty products. Now that’s change for beauty’s benefit. So, almost everything in Laidbare’s organic beauty product range is under £10 and fabulously free of sulphates, parabens and more!
Must-mention products:
Everything in their pretty and practical organic product line, including For Richer for Porer Miracle Mask, From Dusk till Dawn Vitamin C Serum, Guess My Age Anti-Ageing Treatment Cream and more. Available at touchmyface.co.uk.

Amie Pure & Natural Beauty: Amie’s organic beauty products are both amazingly affordable (most are under £5!) and put a stop to oil overload in the spring and summer. The must-try, Amie Skin Shield SPF 15 Moisturiser, £5.95, available in June, is a delightfully light organic sun protection with vitamin A and E, sunflower seed oil, and more.
Must-mention product:
Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser, £4.95, perfect under your SPF.
Free from GMO’s, parabens, mineral oils, animal extracts and more, Amie’s affordable beauty products are available at amieskincare.com, John Lewis and other select stores.

Affordable Organic Beauty Products for the Body
Laidbare and Karora
: Love organic self-tanners but loathe their prices? Get that affordable organic golden glow with Laidbare’s Tantastic Natural Tan, 125 ml, £5.99, and Karora Self-Tan Mist Original, 100ml, £14.99. Both skip the sun’s skin-ravaging rays, organic beauty products’ oh-so-high prices, parabens and other no-good ingredients.
Must-mention products: Laidbare’s Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Hair Minimising Cream, £6.99, 125ml, and Butter Me Up Organic Shea Body Butter, 250ml, £11.99.

Organyc: Made with unbleached, pesticide-free organic cotton, Organyc’s sanitary towels, £3.10 – £3.69, actually work! So, yes, you can still be the princess of everything organic, even during your period.

If you missed it the first time, check out our Budget Beauty article, filled with affordable organic beauty products for under £10.

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  1. Brilliant article. I just recently decided to make the switch to organic, fairtrade, eco friendly products – but I didn’t realise how hard it would be to find affordable products. This feature shows that it can be done! I am currently looking for skincare and makeup products I can get into my daily routine. Started up a website (softtouch.co.uk) just to help other people like me find good value products that make for greener living. Thanks :)

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