Fight the Fuzz: Four Tips to Reduce Excessive Hair Growth Naturally

We all want to milk that follicle-free smoothness before the next hellish hair-removing session, especially during party season. Because let’s face it, hair-removal sessions do more than just remove hair; they remove your dignity too: putting you  in ‘compromising’ positions, sporting ‘festive’ red blotches on upper lips and chins, and the very ‘un-festive’ expletives we would never say otherwise. While there are many skin clinics that offer hair-removal treatments, here are four tips on how to reduce excessive hair growth naturally and affordably.

Tip One: Reduce Facial and Body Hair Naturally by Eating Soy Products
Soy contains a follicle-fighting hormone, phytoestrogens, which is the plant hormone similar to the human female one: oestrogen. Since testosterone, the male hormone, is the main hair-stimulating culprit, eating soy can reduce excessive hair growth by feeding the body sprout-stopping female hormones. You can find soy food products such as: milk, tofu, edamame, veggie foods and more.

Tip Two: Reduce Body Hair Naturally by Eating Healthy
Did you know that a low body weight and body fat, along with poor nutrition, can cause the body to grow excess hair to keep warm? (Think about this next time you wish you were a size 0.) So to reduce excessive body hair naturally, simply eat a good diet, filled with fresh fruit, veggies and healthy fats.

Tip Three: Reduce Facial and Body Hair Naturally by Going Herbal
Some herbal supplements can make you, well, less hairy. Black cohosh can reduce excessive hair growth due to its anti-androgenic (blocking androgens, such as testosterone) effects. And liquorice, like soy, contain phytoestrogens, which can reduce testosterone’s hair-stimulating effect.

Tip Four: Reduce Facial Hair Naturally with Homemade Recipes
To gently remove and reduce that pesky facial peach fuzz, mix one teaspoon of chickpea flour (aka besam or gram flour) and enough water to make a paste. Then add one teaspoon of yoghurt and a pinch of anti-androgenic turmeric and mix. Spread it over the fuzz and leave to dry. When you remove the paste with a towel or cloth, some of the facial hair will come off as well. Do it weekly to reduce excessive hair growth. And remember, always do a patch test first.

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