Find Soothing, Non-Irritating Natural Beauty for Summer

From a natural sunscreen that shields beautifully for acne or hypersensitive skin to keeping your bikini line free of irritation during and after a shave, here are some soothing, non-irritating natural beauty products made to help you enjoy summer

To spare sensitive and acne-prone skin from flare-ups caused by the sun, along with the typical sunscreen’s harsh ingredients, KALME Day Defence Cream SPF 25, £19.95, 50ml, is the non-irritating natural beauty product for salvation from the summer sun. It uses NanoSun, micronised zinc oxide, to do some triple-beauty duty, working as an invisible sun shield, sparing sensitive skin from aggravating titanium dioxide and reducing spots. Plus, this non-irritating natural beauty wonder keeps your skin tone fabulously uniform using Derma Sensitive, made from caper extract, to reduce skin redness (roseacea) and sensitivity by dilating capillary leakage. Lastly, Indinyl from the Cassia angustifolia plant keeps skin supple with heavenly hydration.

To stop irritation before and after shaving the bikini line, go for this skin saviour: Somersets’ Extra Delicate English Shaving Oil for the Bikini Line, £9.25, 35ml This soothing, non-irritating natural beauty product packs the inflammation-sparing power of preventative ingredients, such as soothing lavender oil, calming and hydrating aloe vera, disinfecting tea tree oilprimrose oil to quell inflammation and more. Plus, all the oils in this soothing natural beauty product soften the skin and hair so you shave more hair off in one stroke. As we all know, less strokes mean less scorching irritation.

Finally, to cover better than a C.C. or B.B. cream with breathable beauty but without the allergens, smooth on Premae’s Mattifying Mousse Foundation, £29, 15g, available in 15 shades. (Get 10% off this foundation when you book a colour-matching express makeover at the Premae stand during the Allergy Show on July 5 and 6, 2014. This non-irritating natural beauty foundation is filled with sumptuous vegan and allergen-free ingredients, such as a hydrating mango butter base, anti-oxidising and moisturising jojoba, redness-quelling lavender oil and more. Because this non-irritating natural beauty foundation is free of parabens, nuts, tree nuts, gluten, petrochemicals and SLS, allergy sufferers can truly enjoy the beauty of this worry-free foundation.

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