Get Beautifully Bump-Free Skin with Soothing Natural Shaving Oil and More

With these natural shaving products, as in a soothing shaving oil and cream, you can have a beautifully bump-free bikini line and underarms, plus perfectly moisturised legs during and after a shave. After all, whether it’s pre-gym prep in winter, the day before Valentine’s Day or have-to-be-hair-free spring and summer, shaving is a year-round must. But the sting of razor burn, bumps and redness don’t have to be.

For the Bikini Line and the Underarms
Somersets’ Extra Delicate English Shaving Oil for the Bikini Line, £9.25, 35ml: is specially made to soothe that oh-so sensitive area during and after a shave. This natural shaving oil softens the hair and marvellously moisturises the skin, helping the blade to glide better and shave more hair in one stroke. And less strokes mean less irritation.
This natural shaving oil: uses lavender oil to soothe skin, aloe vera to add extra calming comfort and heavenly hydrate skin, tea tree oil to disinfect, primrose oil to quell inflammation and more.
For underarms: try their Extra Sensitive shaving oil. Like their shaving oil for the bikini line, it makes shaving a faster and a truly beautifying experience.

For the Legs
Aubrey Organics’ Crème de la Shave, £4.99, 118ml: has a delicious texture (and comes in three scents) that makes shaving a spoiling experience as in legs so perfectly moisturised you could even skip your body care afterwards.
Which one to choose? For winter, try Toasted Almond because it uses organic coconut milk to hydrate and smooth, plus sweet almond oil for another divine dose of moisture. Or try the Pomegranate shaving cream. Because it neutralises free radicals with anti-oxidising polyphenols and moisturises with apricot kernel oil, it’s perfect as an anti-aging and moisturising shaving oil for winter.
Beauty Bonus: Aubrey Organics is  certified cruelty free by BUAV.
More beauty bonuses: because your skin will feel so comfortably hydrated and moisturised, you might not have to smooth on some body care afterwards. So you can avoid having your trousers or your tights sticking to your skin.

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