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Get Lust-After Locks with Natural Tips for Hair Growth

Keep your hair looking fabulously full and split-end free with some seriously simple tips for hair growth. And we mean simple, such as getting more vitamin C, that’ll give you back that vixen volume and put a stop to shedding more strands than you’d like.

Hair Growth Tips: More Protein
To maintain those mar-free tresses, one of the easiest tips for hair growth is a diet filled with proteins, vitamins and minerals. After all, hair is made up of 80 to 90% protein and it’s the last place to get it because hair’s a non-essential tissue. You can get protein from foods such as meat, chicken, fish, beans, eggs and cheese. If you’re a vegetarian, one of the best diet tips for hair growth is eating more tofu, beans, legumes, spinach, dried apricots and more.

Beauty Hair Tips: Viviscal Maximum Hair Growth for Women SupplementsHair Growth Tips: Supplements
It’s hard to get all the vitamins and minerals we need in our diet, especially those must-have ones for healthy hair growth, such as iron, zinc and anti-oxidising vitamin C. So supplements are one of the most ridiculously simple tips for hair growth. Try hair-specific ones, such as Viviscal Maximum Hair Growth for Women or Viviscal Man, packed with a Marine Protein Complex, iron, zinc, vitamin C and more, both from £49.95. But remember, iron is also found in foods, such as meats, legumes, etc. and too much can cause hair loss. In this case, one of best tips for hair growth is to watch your iron intake.

Beauty Hair Tips: Viviscal natural Gentle Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner for Healthy Hair GrowthHair Growth Tips: Hair Care
The foaming agents found in hair care products, known as sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) or sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES), actually affect the hair’s cell renewal process. One of healthiest tips for hair growth is to go for organic/natural shampoos and conditioners as most are SLES/SLS free, such as Viviscal Gentle Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner. Both are over 95% natural, give you mar-free tresses without pesky ingredients and are affordably priced at £11.95 each.


Other Tips for Hair Growth
Avoid smoking (it reduces the circulation to the scalp); extensions (as they can pull out the hair) and over-styling (straighteners, curling irons and more all can denature the hair’s protein, causing breakage).

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  1. I will be taking note of this as I am currently trying to grow my hair and dream of that bouncy glossy celeb-like hair! xx

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