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Get Soft Locks with Hair Care for Hard Water

Washing hair with hard water is like polishing your divine diamond ring with sandpaper. The reason being: hard water’s high levels of hair-ravaging calcium carbonate and magnesium, etc. react with our hair care, creating moisture-blocking mineral scales. To quell that wire wool mane, try this inexpensive and easy tip: wash and rinse hair with filtered water or spring water* that has a lower mineral content, i.e. smaller amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. It’s the easiest and inexpensive hair care for hard water.

Pour two to three cups of filtered pitcher or spring water, the hair care for hard water areas, over your entire mane. (Use more cups if your hair is really long.) Shampoo, rinse again with a few cups, condition and rinse again. This is great hair care for hard water areas, such as London, as filtered water has a lot less mineral content than hard water and some spring waters have less of those damaging minerals, too, but check the label.  Make sure to keep the filtered or spring water within reach, i.e. in the shower.

To make sure this hair care for hard water tip works, keep hair in a clip and away from the running water. That way you don’t add the hair ball-inducing minerals you are trying to avoid.  Leave the pitcher or bottle out of the refrigerator if you can’t bear cold water. Also, pour the water into a disposable cup or small bottle so you can rinse your hair easily without having to lift a pitcher or large bottle.  Cost: pennies for a few glasses of filtered water or spring water with lower mane-ravaging mineral content. Compare that to the price of the leading chemist conditioner: £4.99 for 500 ml.

For a little extra hair care for hard water treatment, use a mask after conditioning. Leave it in for as long as you can and keep hair away from the water flow by putting hair up with a butterfly clip. Hair care for hard water tip: make sure to rinse the mask out with filtered water or spring water with lower lock-damaging mineral content for extra smoothness.

So if you live in one of the hard-water capitals of the world, you can still don a heavenly head of hair, without spending a fortune on filtration systems with this hair care for hard water tip.

By: Louisa Nelson

Model: Manuela Mariani
Makeup: Francesca Margini
Set Assistant: Alice Baraldi

*Note: EB magazine made changes to the article as bottled spring water’s mineral content varies from brand to brand.

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