Go Light with Natural Travel Beauty, such as Cleansing Wipes and More

From natural cleansing wipes that remove nail varnish to a no-white-marks natural deodorant stick in a smaller size, these space-saving wonders are the ultimate in natural, travel-sized beauty, helping you to stay fresh and cleanse fast. Just replace your full size products with these ones for natural freshness without the fight-for-space fuss.

For underarms, smooth on the ‘no white marks’ natural deodorant that keeps you shower-fresh clean by banishing odour-causing bacteria without aluminium compounds:  Salt of the Earth Travel Natural Deodorant Unscented stick, £3.36, 50g. It contains the same bacteria-ridding power as the full-size version using potassium alum, retaining that just-washed feeling and scent while keeping skin lovingly liberated from aluminium chloryhdrate, alcohol, parabens, perfumes, mineral oils and more. Apply it to damp skin after showering or bathing to stay forever fresh throughout the day.

To take off nail varnish without lugging the remover bottle or having to endure that acetone smell, use these certified cruelty-free, natural, cleansing wipes: Eden Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover Wipes, £7.50, 10 wipes. Instead of drying, smelly acetone, these cleansing wipes use esters, along with lime essential oil and more, to give your nails a dose of marvelous moisture and a sweet smell that makes removing nail varnish a better beauty experience for skin and senses.

If you’re looking for a space-saving way to gently remove make-up and oil with a host of skin-loving ingredients and soft organic cotton, try Neal’s Yards Remedies Organic Face Wipes, £5.50, 25 cleansing wipes, which are certified organic by The Soil Association and cruelty free. These cleansing wipes use oils to dissolve make-up, while hydrating with aloe vera, calming with lavender oil and more. And as long as you reseal after every use, the last wipe should pack all the make-up-removing power as the first.

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