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Some of us want it curly. Some of us want it straight. Some of us want it wavy. But none of us want to lose it. If you haven’t read the title, we are talking about hair, namely hair loss. Whether it’s due to alopecia, a pregnancy or illness, female hair loss happens. So in honour of proudly swishing a full head of heavenly locks, here are three hair-restoration and hair-loss–prevention products for us.

Philip Martin’s Italian Organic Lifestyle Hair Nutriment, £29, 100 ml, 0845 458 2825 or A perfect product option for our eco-goddesses, this is one of the first organic hair-loss–prevention lotions. And you can count its main ingredients on one hand. There are only four of them, including citric acid and glycogen (a sugar used for energy), Pterocarpus marsupium (Indian Kino Tree) and glutamnic acid (an amino acid). Together, they boost up cellular reproduction, giving this hair restoration wonder its re-growth power. You can even feel it working as it will bring a healthy pink tinge to your scalp. That’s the increased blood flow, delivering all the hair-growth essentials.

MEDiceuticals Scalp, Hair and Skin Solutions For Women Folligen Shampoo, £14.35, 180ml; Vitatin conditioner, £16.40, 180ml; select salons: Specifically made for female hair-loss prevention and restoration, the W line’s products use oestrogen, which combats the hair-losing effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a form of testosterone, in the scalp. By blocking follicles, DHT attacks the hair by stopping the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow.  With oestrogen, the result is fabulous volume for us females who need a little boost and none of their products are tested on animals and are made from natural and raw ingredients.

The old cliché says that us females can’t keep a good secret. And when it comes to these amazing products for female hair-loss–prevention and hair restoration, well, we’d rather let every woman know about it.

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