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Heavenly Hydration: Homemade Natural Body Sprays for All Skin Types

Spray some soothing second-skin moisture onto dry winter skin with homemade natural body sprays for all skin types. Because the moisture-zapping colder weather is coming back (again), so your skin needs more heavenly hydration.

For delicate skin
Turn redness into radiance while moisturising and evening skin tone with this natural body spray: mix one tablespoon of anti-inflammatory witch hazel and two drops of moisturising rose essential oil, which is also mild astringent, together in a 250ml spray bottle*. Shake well. Add 240 ml of distilled rose water and shake again. Spray this natural body spray after showering, and let your skin dry naturally. Tip: Avoid using soaps and alkaline-based products that can strip the skin of its natural acid mantel.

For oily skin
Get the perfect dose of delightful moisture without the oil overload with a natural body spray using skin tone-evening lime, anti-septic peppermint and mild astringent witch hazel*. Steep 10g of fresh peppermint (chopped) and juice from one squeezed lime in 125ml of witch hazel in a covered jar for one week. Strain through a coffee filter and pour into a 250ml spray bottle. Add 100 ml of spring water, shake and spritz this natural body spray all over. Tip: Avoid using rich moisturisers, which can clog the pores, and hot showers that can sap moisture from skin.

For normal skin
Give your skin a surge of moisture with skin-smoothing grapefruit, mild astringent witch hazel and calming and moisturising lavender*. Make this natural body spray by steeping two tablespoons of dried lavender in 125ml of distilled witch hazel for seven days. Then, strain and pour into a 250ml spray bottle. Add 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil and five drops of lavender essential oil to this natural body spray and shake. Lastly, add 100 ml water, shake and spray to spoil your skin.Tip: Cut down on tea and coffee as warm caffeinated drinks are seriously dehydrating.

Spritz these natural body sprays all year round for moisturising radiance, especially post-exercise or after hot summer day.

*Remember, Evolving Beauties, always do a patch test first.

By: Rinal Patel
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