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How Cellulite Reduction Can Be Simple with MACOM

After 60 days of wearing MACOM+ Crystal Smooth legwear for six hours a day, I have found them to be the ‘easy to use at anytimecellulite reduction alternative to creams, etc. Why? You can wear these cellulite-reducing wonders during a workout or resting at home and you can even go out in them as they are invisible under trousers, skinny jeans, dresses, etc. With built-in bioactive crystals, they work by converting your body’s heat into skin-smoothing far infrared rays. These rays heat the skin, helping to regulate the temperature (thermoregulation), not burn the skin. Thermoregulation boosts blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, which prevents excess lymph from causing fat cells to swell and stick out (i.e. cellulite). This legwear also gives another dose of cellulite reduction by promoting the production of that skin-tautening fibre, collagen; elastin; and more. To get more delicious details, here are the results over my 60-day trial:

Day 1: The first time I put the high-waist cycling shorts on I couldn’t believe how comfortable the waist and the legwear’s cuffs were. There were none of those heavily elasticated band-induced bulges anywhere. I realised that if I was going to wear these shorts for the recommended six hours a day (i.e. maximise their cellulite reduction potential), they have got to be comfortable. And they were. I slipped a pair of track trousers over them and the shorts were delightfully undetectable. After six hours of doing chores around the flat, I took the shorts off and slid my hand down my outer thighs. The skin felt sublimely smooth and soft and didn’t feel cold as usual. I could already feel the cellulite reduction power of these shorts. Plus, my saddle bags didn’t stick out as much and looked less dimpled.

Day 30: After working out while wearing them for two hours a day over a 29-day period, the extra heat from my body jolted the cellulite reduction even more. The skin on my thighs, tummy and bum was ridiculously smooth and there were fewer dimples, even when I flexed my thighs! I also wore them under a few knee-length dresses for evenings out and press events for a little more cellulite reduction. They were so comfortable I forgot I had them on until I went to the bathroom. What’s more, they created no bulges under my clothes so no one noticed I had them on.

Day 60: MACOM+ Crystal Smooth’s high-waist cycling shorts gave me the smoothest thighs I ever thought possible with a product. The cellulite reduction results were incredible: smoother outer and inner thighs, even in the sunlight; hardly any dimples; and a flatter tummy and saddle bags. But what I love most is that the cellulite reduction came from something natural: body heat.

MACOM+ Crystal Smooth legwear is available in sizes extra small (UK 4 to 6), small (UK 8 to 10), medium (UK 12 to 14) and large ( UK 14+) and comes in black or champagne. Choose from the low-waist cycling shorts, £80; high-waist cycling shorts, £100; or the high-waist leggings, £120.

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