How to De-Stress with Warming Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Natural Skin Care

Beautifully melt away stress, relax those muscles and put some nourishing radiance back into your skin with warming vegan, cruelty-free or natural skin care. By that, we mean self-heating face masks, a multi-mineral mud that slowly warms up when you add hot water and a candle that melts into a body massage oil for that second-skin smoothness we all crave.

Self-Heating Wonder for the Face: Among all Montagne Jeunesse’s heavenly haven of self-heating, cruelty-free skin care masques, try their deliciously divine Hot Chocolate, £1. Perfect after a cold day shopping on the high street or after commuting home from work, this certified cruelty-free by BUAV and vegetarian skin care masque’s Mediterranean clay cleanses dirt and oil from your pores. It also uses rich dark chocolate, orange oil , vitamin E and more to anti-oxidise and moisturise your face, leaving you basking in your budget beauty glow. Also available in store at: Boots, Superdrug and more.

Slow-Warming, Mineral-Rich Mud for the Face and Body: Hungary Mud, £20, 250g, is the multi-mineral marvel mud that slowly warms up once you add hot water to it. And this heat helps the minerals in this natural skin care mud, such as magnesium, selenium, copper, chromium and manganese, seep into the skin for a thoroughly gorgeous glow. Use this natural skin care mud as an anti-aging and tightening face mask, or like a beautifying and therapeutic heat patch for sore joints and muscles or add some to your bath to deliciously detox your skin and melt tension from your body. (For instructions, look at the back of the pack.) This natural skin care mud is also certified as ‘curative’ by the Hungarian National Health Service.

A Candle that turns into a Warm Massage Oil for the Body: Earthly Body’s Round (scented) Candles, £13.95 each, melt into vegan and natural body massage oils, bestowing that suppleness and warmth winter-ravaged skin needs. This natural skin care wonder is marvellously made with hemp seed, avocado, vitamin E, apricot and jojoba and free from petroleum, sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, dyes and more. Choose from their six scents, light the candle, wait until the soy-based wax is warm and scoop out some natural skin care, avoiding the flame, and gently apply it to the skin.

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