Find Out if Your Organic Beauty Products Really are Organic

Spot the fable on the label when it comes to buying organic beauty products with some simple tips that’ll make you the ‘Poirot’ of all that claims to beautify naturally. And we mean simple, such as checking a brand on approved lists to figuring out when a product’s an organic knockoff (saying it’s certified when it isn’t).

Look for a Certification Body Logo
Check if your organic beauty products have an Ecocert logo. Ecocert Group, a certification body for sustainable development, spot checks the place where organic beauty products are made, from the raw materials to the finished product. Every year. They even go as fabulously far as to take samples for lab testing. So make sure your organic beauty products have: the Ecocert certification logo; state they are ‘Ecocert-certified’ and have a country-specific reference code number, such as AB-BIO-154 (AB stands for the ISO code of the country of operation).

Or check if your organic beauty products have the Soil Association and Cosmos logo or another certification body. Both the Soil Association and Cosmos check the label and formula; ensure there are no GM (genetically modified) ingredients; only certify products that are 70 to 95% organic and more. However for some bodies, such as Ecocert, a 5 to 10% minimum of the product’s ingredients must be organic. This seems low but remember, most organic beauty products are made up of 50 to 60% of water and water can’t be certified. So that 5 to 10% minimum is actually quite high.

Find the Brand in the Approved Lists
The next thing you can do is look for your organic beauty products’ brands on approved lists, such the one on the Soil Association’s site. This is perfect for when you shop online and can’t see the label.

Spot Organic Beauty Products that Say They are Certified but Aren’t
After you find the certification body logo, there are other ways you can spot an organic knockoff (i.e. used the logo without being certified). For example, only a product that is over 95% organic can use organic in the title, according to the Soil Association’s certification standards. So if you see something that states it has less than 95% organic ingredients, which must be clear on the bottle, or doesn’t state the percentage at all, it can’t have organic in the title. For more ways to find out if your organic beauty products are certified, read the Soil Association’s label guide for more tips.

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