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Look Forever Fresh: Tips on How to Put Make-Up On to Make it Last

We all want our make-up to look forever fresh. And adding that go-on-longer gorgeousness to your rouge routine is simple. All you need is to put make-up on in the right order. Right order? Yes, putting make-up on like a pro is all about the order. When you get it in the right order, you’ll get more stay-on power.

Put Make-Up On Right: Moisturiser
Before putting make-up on, the first thing you need to do is be marvellously moisturised. Because, make-up needs that heavenly hydration to stay on. But be sure to get the right one so dry skin doesn’t look sapped and oily skin doesn’t look like an overly moisturised mess. Tip: Before applying, rub it between your palms to warm it up. This helps it seep in better for a second skin of moisture.

Put Make-Up On Right: Primer
If you’re skin is suffering from oil overload or you got combo skin, you need a primer before putting make-up on. Primer mattifies excess oil, which makes foundation run. Tip: Warm up the primer between your palms and apply to your face for a smoother even finish.

Put Make-Up On Right: Eye Make-Up
Before putting make-up on, add a little foundation on your eyelids. Then do your eyeshadow. Then, do your mascara. (Do it the other way around, you’ll get shadow on your lashes or smudge the mascara.) Not only does foundation give us that envious evenness we crave, but it also gives a little hydration kick that makes eyeshadow stick. After you put make-up on your eyes, add a few drops of water to some cotton wool and dab any shadow under your eyes.

Put Make-Up On Right: Foundation
Doing your eye make-up will have done some double-duty beauty (your primer will have settled by now), so you can start applying your foundation all over your face. Start light, then build if you need more beautifying power. Now apply your concealer.
Trick: To prolong your foundation’s prettiness, lightly dust your face with setting powder. Setting powder does just that; it sets your make-up. A must-do tip for putting on make-up right, it’ll have your rouge reaping with more prolonged prettiness.  Next, apply a little blush on top of the setting powder. If you put make-up on the other way (blush then setting powder), the blush will stick too much to the foundation (so you can’t blend) and the setting powder on top will dim the blush’s colour.

Tips by: Louisa Nelson, beautician

Photo: _overanalyzer via Flickr

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