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Boost Lashes and Brows with Natural Make-Up, Serum and More

Yes, you read that right! We actually found a natural lash serum that gives false-like lashes, plus natural make-up as in a natural eyebrow gel that bestows stay-in-place definition and vegan, waterproof mascara.

Before the natural make-up, let’s get those lashes and brows off to sexier start with Green Esthetics Longer Lash, £45.84. This natural lash serum will give you the length you lust after, along with more vixen volume, and you can use it to bestow a fuller, more beautiful brow, too, in four to six weeks. And when we said it was as natural as can be, we meant it. This natural lash serum is marvellously made with a plant-based thickener, castor oil to help lashes grow and thicken, biotin to boost more growth and more. Get one on sale now for £31.23 or win one here.

Next, you need that vegan make-up must-have: Beauty without Cruelty’s Waterproof Mascara, £11.99, available in Black and Cocoa. This vegan mascara is full of pure mineral colour and natural and organic waxes for won’t-budge beauty, along with being wonderfully without parabens, PEGs, fragrance and cruelty. (It’s certified animal friendly by BUAV.)

Beauty Tip: to give those lashes a non-torturous curling boost, try M2 Tools Eyelash Curler, £19.50. After applying your fave natural mascara, place the tips of the comb’s teeth at the base of the lashes and push upward gently toward the brow to create a curl. Hold  for a moment and carefully slide upward to remove.

Lastly, to frame those eyes, your brows need some natural make-up to keep them prettily in place: Lavera Eyebrow Style & Care Gel, £9.90. Certified as natural make-up by the BDIH and NaTrue, this gel helps to gorgeously define brows and keep that shape with stay-put power ingredients, such as sucrose. What’s more, this natural make-up must-buy conditions with mallow and adds a lovely sheen with rose extract.

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Christina, editor of Evolving Beauty

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  1. All these products sound fantastic namely the natural lash serum and the vegan waterproof mascara. I’ve tried other serums but had to stop because my longer lashes grew with bends and kinks. Does this one do the same?

    • Hi Anna,
      Thank you for your comment. To be honest, I’ve only tried Longer Lash on my eyebrows. I didn’t notice any zig-zags on the new or existing hairs. A friend of mine tried it on her lashes and she didn’t get any kinks or bends either. Hopethis helps!

  2. I bought the lash serum on sale about a month ago thanks to your deal tweets. It does what it says! My lashes are longer and fuller with a nice natural curve. The only thing I don’t like is that it tingles a little when you first put it on but it says so on the package.

  3. You should mention that the Green Esthetics product contains “emu oil”. The birds are being killed to obtain the oil (which is basically their fat) and there’s no market for emu meat, etc., so it’s not even a byproduct. Its therapeutic properties are also highly questionable.
    Moreover, independent reviews in the Internet aren’t that positive about it and there are better products in this shelf.

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