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Make Your Eyeshadow Show: The Best Eyeshadow Brush

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything you purchased did what it said it would? The ‘peacock blue’ eyeshadow you bought actually looked ‘peacock blue’ on your lids, instead of some other colour you are sure you didn’t buy. The size 10 dress you ordered online actually fit like a size 10, instead of an inhale-only size 6. The new low-fat, ‘tasty’ frozen meal you tried actually tasted good, instead of being void of all taste.  Well, we can’t help you with the last two. But we can help you with the first. The best eyeshadow tip to make your shadow show is to get the best eyeshadow brush. Simple.

And the best eyeshadow brush is a fine artist’s brush, £5. Yes, the one used by artists to paint. Yes, it is one of the best applying-eyeshadow tips out there. Yes, we are serious. Used by many theatre make-up artists, a fine artist’s brush, when wet, holds eyeshadow pigment better. And more pigment means the prettier and truer your eyeshadow colour will actually look.

So, here are two tips on applying eyeshadow with the best eyeshadow brush:

Applying Eyeshadow Tip One: Buy a small, fine artist’s brush. Choose either artist-quality Taklon bristles, a  guilt-free glamour option as it has no animal hair, or one made with other fibres. (Note: artist-quality Taklon is better than the Taklon found in most beauty brushes.) If the handle is too long, cut it to your desired length. Then, to avoid splinters, use a pencil sharpener to smooth out the rough end.

Applying Eyeshadow Tip Two: To get the best out of your shadow’s pigment, wet the now-ready-to-use eyeshadow brush. Dip it into your shadow pot and smooth over your lids. Et voila! The best eyeshadow brush has brought out the best shade your shadow had to offer. And another pretty perk, you won’t get eyeshadow falling on your face or your outfit because it’s stuck on your brush. (For application tips on different eyeshadow looks, stay tuned this month for our post on the Mobile Makeover.)

To get the best eyeshadow brush, head to your nearest artist’s store. Bring your old eyeshadow brush to compare size and shape of the bristles. Be prepared to pay around a fiver or more for the brush. A bit expensive? Think of it this way: the best eyeshadow brush will make the best out of every beauty-blunder eyeshadow purchase you’ve ever made. Even the eyeshadow at the bottom of your drawer.

Tip provided by: Louisa Nelson, beautician

Photo: Kevin Williamson

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