Money-Saving Scents: Organic Perfumes under £20

We’ve got a buffet of sweet organic perfumes, from fruity to floral, that’ll have you smelling beautiful no matter your budget. So, you can stick to your healthier resolution and be a little wealthier this year.

First up on our organic perfume picks are Love & Toast’s roller ball perfumes, £16 each, 7.98ml. This organic wonder is the ultimate in botanical fragrance blends, using quality natural essence oils and natural alcohol.  What’s more, these organic perfumes are cruelty-free, use eco-friendly packing and with the roller ball, last longer in the bottle than sprays. With sprays, you lose a lot of perfume to the air. But with the organic perfume’s roller ball, you put where you want it! Available in six spoiling scents, from the sweet Candied Citron to the woody floral Dew Blossom, snag this organic perfume at

Next up is perfume perfection in a pot. Simpatico’s solid organic perfumes, £19 each, 10g, are beautifully made with beeswax, natural fragrance oils and more, while binning petro chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfates and parabens. And these organic perfumes do double-beauty duty: bestowing a beautiful scent and moisturising sapped skin, too. Just rub the solid organic perfume and dab to pulse points. Simpatico’s solid organic perfumes come in eight scents and are available at at in store at Harrods.

Last for less is the organic perfume that spoils you in scent choice whether you like a roll on, solid or spray. We love waste-not Pacifica’s roll on perfumes, £12 each, 10ml, and solid perfumes, £10, 10g. Both are fabulously filled with natural oils and essences and natural grain oil, while skipping those so-not-necessary ingredients, such phthalates, nitro-musks, benzene, and more. Available in nine scents for the roll-on organic perfume and 11 scents for the solid perfume at

To make that organic perfume last in the bottle and on you, here are some tips.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I can really live an organic lifestyle without going broke.

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