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Naturally Refreshed: Homemade Facial Cleansers

Cleanse skin with a burst of natural goodness with these simple, skin-spoiling homemade facial cleansers. Just head to your kitchen and you’ll find all the raw ingredients you need for perfectly clean and moisturised skin. And by using natural facial cleansers, you’ll never have to worry about skin-aggravating sodium lauryl sulphates (a harsh foaming agent) or be in a panic when your cleanser runs out.

For dry or normal skin
Give your skin a hydration boost with this creamy homemade facial cleanser. Mix one tablespoon of moisturising double cream for dry skin (use plain yogurt for normal skin) and one drop of skin-brightening sandalwood essential oil*. Then, dampen your face with warm water and massage this natural facial cleanser into your skin, using your fingertips for one to two minutes. Rinse with warm water.

For oily skin
Give your skin the perfect amount of moisture while removing excess sebum with this homemade facial cleanser: mix one tablespoon of moisturising plain yogurt, one drop of lemon juice and one drop of rosemary essential oil*. Apply and remove this natural facial cleanser using same method as above. Yogurt will deeply moisturise the skin while rosemary essential oil will balance the oils and the lemon’s vitamin C will wash away excess sebum.
Tip: For very oily skin or if you have spots, squeeze a quarter slice of lemon juice into a small bowl and dab a cotton ball into the juice. Squeeze out any excess. You might want to add a few drops of water in the bowl first to slightly dilute the lemon juice so it’s not so acidic. Apply it gently to an oily and/or acne-prone area* to test it, avoiding the eyes, angles of the nose, etc. If it stings too much, add a few more drops of water and try again.  Use where necessary.

For sensitive skin
Treat your skin to an instant skin reviver with this homemade facial cleanser: mash two handfuls of ripe strawberries, which are packed with healing and hydrating zinc and anti-oxidising vitamin C onto the face, with a tablespoon of moisturising natural yogurt*. Massage this homemade facial cleanser onto your face and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. This natural facial cleanser will both cleanse and moisturise fragile or hyper-sensitive skin.

*Remember, always do a patch test first!

By: Rinal Patel
Photo Credit: © Damus | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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