Thighs I’m Proud Of: A Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment Story

After reading about Coolsculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment, I finally decided to do something about my stubborn inner thigh fat. For over three years, my thighs made trouser shopping in my size almost impossible because they were so not proportional to my legs. (Carrot stick legs, I called them.) When I tried fitted trousers, they were baggy around the calves, tight at the thighs (when I could get them up) and loose at the waist.  And even my inner thigh bulges weren’t symmetrical. One lateral bulge was situated a bit toward the back of my thigh. But my inner thighs didn’t always look like this.

A few years ago, I was an avid cyclist and had a nasty fall. One hip shifted upward, making one leg shorter than the other, and was pushed forward. Unfortunately, no one noticed, even after three years of physiotherapy. I had to ice my swollen knees every day, wear orthotics and stop cycling all together. Finally, I saw an osteopath, who aligned my hips and helped me to walk without pain. The only side effect: because I couldn’t exercise for over three years and my hips being in that wonky position, the muscles in my upper thighs got weak in different places, while the other muscles in my lower legs got stronger to support my weight. Hence, my carrot stick-shaped legs. And yes, I am grateful that I am no longer in pain every day. But I’m so tired of wearing black track trousers and no amount of exercise has helped my stubborn inner thigh fat.

During the thorough consultation for Coolsculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment at Bijoux MediSpa, the friendly, well-informed nurses put me as ease since I never had anything done before. They even noticed how the inner thigh fat was in slightly different positions on each leg. They said I was a perfect candidate as the treatment is for healthy people who are fit, happy with their weight but still have ‘resistant to exercise and diet’ bulges. Coolsculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment uses a suction head to envelop the fatty bulge. Then, it delivers controlled cooling to underlying fat cells, without damaging the surface skin and nearby tissue. During the cooling, icicles build up in the fat cells, which causes them to swell and break (cryolipolysis). Then, the dead fat cells are removed by the immune system.

So what did it feel like? Well, after suctioning the inner thigh fat one on leg, the first 10 minutes of the 60-minute fat reduction treatment felt tingly and chilly. Then, the numbness kicked in and I didn’t feel a thing. And it was the same during the hour treatment for the other thigh. Coolsculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment was so painless that I almost fell asleep!

After the non-surgical fat reduction treatment, my thighs felt warm and tingly. I got dressed with no pain, just a bit of redness, which went away, slight bruising, tenderness and swelling. During the first two weeks, I was a bit swollen, tender and numb. However, the third day after the fat reduction treatment, I went on my stationary bike with no pain at all. Read more about the side effects.

It’s been six weeks since I had Coolsculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment and my inner thighs look wonderful. Finally, they are more proportional to the lower half of my legs. Though I didn’t measure my thighs with tape, I, instead, measured the results by putting on a pair of trousers I haven’t worn in four years and they fit better! Although patients notice the results after just three weeks, the full and fitter effect is seen in two to four months. And I can’t wait!

CoolSculpting’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment, from £800, is available at Bijoux MediSpa in London with second treatments from £100 to £200 off. To find this non-surgical fat reduction treatment at a clinic near you, visit

By: Rebecca O’Neil; Edited by: Christina Caicedo

Photo Credit: © Barsik | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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