Oralift: A Truly Non-Surgical Facelift that Doesn’t Even Touch Your Skin at All

The Oralift, a tailor-made device that fits over the lower teeth, bestows a non-surgical facelift sans laser treatments or follow-up sessions and puts a stop to any future sagging. How’s that for anti-aging without the ouch? Overtime, it works its non-surgical facelift wonders by changing how your teeth sit in a resting position, to beautifully boost facial muscle tone and bones. This will bring those youthful contours back without a surgical facelift’s contraindications. Plus, you only need to wear it for just two hours a day, every three days for about four months.

Since skeletal muscles on the face (facial muscles) start to get thinner as we age, there is less strain on the facial bones from the muscle, causing them to be less dense. So you get flatter cheek bones and a drop in the height between your nose and chin. This causes the dreaded face and neck sagging that you can’t hide and can only fix with laser treatments or surgery. The only thing is, after these procedures, the skin will sag again and you’ll need to either have another surgery or follow-up laser treatments. With the Oralift’s non-surgical facelift device, you can get those more youthful contours back  and put a prettier stop to future sagging without follow-up surgery or treatments. After you see the more lifted results (normally after four months), you just need 2-month top ups twice a year .

So how exactly does it work? This non-surgical facelift treatment uses a fitted device placed over your lower teeth to create a wider space between the upper and lower teeth, which is 1 to 3mm,  in the relaxed position. When the face and teeth are in the relaxed position, there is very little electrical activity in the facial muscles to maintain their tone and the bones’ more youthful contours. Widening this 1 to 3mm gap with the Oralift will cause facial muscles to alter their fibres to this wider resting position. Like the strain caused by exercise, this will trigger the muscles to make more protein, which will need more oxygen. So any capillaries damaged due to aging will be repaired. Plus, this radiant repair process is kicked off by the muscles releasing a growth factor, which helps the body’s natural healing process. And because the muscle is attached to the facial bones, the more strain on the growing muscle, the more strain on the bone, stimulating the osteoblasts (cells that create new bone tissue) to make facial bones more dense. So, this non-surgical facelift will give a double-duty beauty effect: toned facial muscles and more dense bone to bestow those youthful contours we crave.

Oralift, the non-surgical facelift, from £575, is available at select dental practices all over the UK.

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