Get Smooth with a More Natural and Painless Hair Removal Wax

Outback Golds wax, from Outback Organics, makes that woe-filled hair removal session feel more like a smoothing skin care treatment with no pain, lower temperature wax, non-sticky or -icky residue and more. So, it’s perfect for sensitive areas, such as the bikini line, underarms, face and more. What’s more, it works its hair-freeing wonders on recently shaved areas or on four days of re-growth. Sound good?  Well, read on to get all the delicious details of this painless hair removal wax.

Botanical Oil Rather than Pain-Ridden Powder
Putting powder on the area and then the wax makes the wax stick too much to the skin. So when the strip is removed, it pulls both the hair and the skin. Instead, during the Outback Gold’s painless hair removal session, botanical oil is smoothed on and then the wax. This creates a lovely lipid barrier between the skin and the wax so when the wax is removed, you get less pulling of the skin and more hair-free smoothness. Plus, this painless hair removal’s botanical oil is made with a bevy of natural ingredients, such as titanium dioxide to quell inflammation, anti-bacterial lemon myrtle, moisturising organic argan, rose hip and olive oils and more.

The Wonder Wax to End all Hair Removal Woes
Outback Gold’s painless hair removal wax shrink wraps around the hair, even stubborn, short ones, using a polymer technology.  So when it’s removed, it just takes away the hair without pulling the skin. Because it’s smoothed on at a lower temperature and dries quickly, it gives you more of the comfort you and your skin crave, especially on the face, underarms and bikini area. What’s more, this painless hair removal wax is also marvellously made with natural ingredients, such as titanium dioxide and mica to quell redness and inflammation, beeswax and more. Lastly, this wonder wax stays supple, not sticky, when cool so any excess or residue can be easily wiped off.

Outback Gold’s painless hair removal sessions, from £25 for the bikini line, are available in October 2013 at Urban Retreat at Harrods.

Model: Manuela Mariani
Makeup: Francesca Margini
Set Assistant: Alice Baraldi

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