Pack Light with Natural Face Cleansers that Moisturise too!

Replace your cleanser, moisturiser and even make-up remover with 3-in-1 natural face cleansers that melt away make-up and leave skin comfortably moisturised. And if you have dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin, don’t fret as there is a natural face cleanser for you! So instead of packing three products and having to lug them around, just pack one of these space-saving, multi-duty delights.

Natural Face Cleanser, Make-Up Remover and Moisturiser for Acne-Prone Skin
Using skin flora-balancing prebiotics and spot-healing and bad bacteria-killing willow bark and green tea, Green People’s Oy! Organic Cleanser, Make-Up Remover and Moisturiser, £9.95, 50 ml, is the multi-purpose, smoothing wonder for acne-prone skin. Just rub this natural face cleanser onto your face and neck to cleanse and treat spots, while it’s fusion of natural oils gently and deliciously shift make-up. Wipe away with a clean cloth. Then turn this natural face cleanser, plus make-up remover, into a natural moisturiser by tapping it gently against your face and neck.

Natural Face Cleanser, Make-Up Remover and Moisturiser for Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin
Certified organic by The Soil Association, Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare Gentle Cleansing Melt in Mandarin and Chamomile, £18.95, 55g, has a super concentrated (as in no water), lush texture that luxuriates skin by effortlessly dissolving make-up, gently cleansing and balancing skin with perfect moisture. Thus, it’s ideal for sensitive skin. Plus, to keep skin from oil overload, the formula is lovingly made with the homeopathic ideology that ‘like cures like’. So this natural face cleanser doesn’t strip the skin of oil, causing pores to become oil slicks to compensate and thus beginning the never-ending cycle of spots. Instead, this natural face cleanser, plus make-up remover and moisturiser, uses gentle ingredients such as lavender flower oil to quell inflammation, calendula officinalis to heal and balance skin and more. Use a pea-sized amount of this natural face cleanser, rub it between fingers and massage onto skin using circular movements. Use damp organic cotton pads to wipe away if you’re removing make-up with it.

If you have normal, dry or mature skin, try this make-up-melting, moisturising natural face cleanser: Nourishing Cleansing Melt in Rose and Camellia, £19.95, 55g.

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  1. Great article! Cleansing with oil is definitely the way forward. Much better for dry or oily skin and if you choose a water free balm it shouldn’t have any nasty preservatives either so you can be 100% natural. Love it!

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