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Pedi Perfection: An Electric Hard Skin Remover for Sensitive and All Skin Types

With Valentine’s Day only three days away, treat your feet to a perfect pedi with Emjoi MICRO Pedi, a painless electric hard skin remover for all skin types, even sensitive ones! Just slip in one of the two micro-mineral rollers (sensitive or hard skin) for your skin type or swap them during your pedi to exfoliate different parts of your feet. This adaptable beauty buffer will polish delicate, tough, cracked, or hard skin on feet to perfection. And because it exfoliates at a micro level, this hard skin remover makes the whole skin-smoothing process painless.

Smoothness for All Skin Types: This hard skin remover packs two skin-smoothing rollers: pink (coarse) for sensitive skin and blue (extra coarse) for hard skin. Because you can change them, the MICRO Pedi let’s you tweak your pedi to your delight. For hard, tough skin, pop in the blue roller and buff away calluses, corns, cracked skin, etc. Then, for a polished pedi, use the hard skin remover’s pink roller for extra smoothness. For sensitive skin, buff to beautify all over with the pink roller. Then, if you like, slip in the electric hard skin remover’s blue one for those stubborn-to-smooth areas, such as the side of the big toes, heels, toe mounds, and more.

Pain-Free Pedi: By spinning 360 degrees, 30 rotations per second, the hard skin remover’s micro-mineral rollers exfoliate microscopic layers of dry, hard skin on feet. So, unlike metal scrapers or other devices, you won’t have to endure that ‘all layers off at once’ ouch.

Simple Smoothing and Water Resistant: MICRO Pedi’s tapered head let’s you exfoliate hard-to-get-at areas easily. Plus, this electric hard skin remover’s waterproof head means you can clean it by just rinsing it under the tap. Just slip out the roller first. And its ergonomic design means less arm aches.

Emjoi MICRO Pedi, the painless hard skin remover for all skin types, £39.95, is available at

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