Repair Summer Damage with Vegan and Natural Hair Treatments

Whatever your hair woe, from dry and damaged to chlorine ravaged, you can resurrect strands after a summer of moisture-sapping sun, swimming, etc. with these vegan, organic or natural hair treatments

Malibu C
These vegan and natural hair treatments are for: any hair woe, including swimmers’ crispy, sticky strands; mad mane-inducing hard water  minerals; desert dry tresses and more.
Why should you use it? Because each 5g sachet is specifically and marvellously made to saturate hair with the exact strand-spoiling natural ingredients it needs,  such as anti-oxidising vitamin C. What’s more, these vegan and natural hair treatments are wonderfully made without preservatives, parabens, propylene glycol, DEA, gluten, fragrance and no added salt.
Another reason why we love these natural hair treatments: they cost from £1.69 to £4.39.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Serum
This natural hair treatment is for:
damaged, frizzy, listless, desert dry tresses screaming for a post-summer serum you can use as an in-shower treatment and/or on dry hair for an extra dose of divine moisture. That’s why this is one of our fave natural hair treatments.
Why should you use it?
This natural hair treatment, £16.60, 150ml, dowses hair with a beautifying and nourishing blend of Dead Sea minerals, moisturising coconut oil and more. Plus, it’s certified organic, according to the standards of the European Union (EEC council regulation No. 2029/91).

Chery Lin Nourishing Oil Treatment
This organic and natural hair treatment is for:
sapped, frizzy strands and scalps that need a hair-loving list of naturally nourishing ingredients, such as anti-oxidising olive oil, softening marshmallow root and more.
Why should you use it? This natural hair treatment, £15.80, 100ml, like all Chery Lin Skin Therapy products, has been fabulously formulated with concentrated and pure organic and natural ingredients and made without harming the environment. How’s that for going gorgeously green without the guilt?

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