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Beauty Question: ‘Because of years suffering from back pain, skin chafing, etc., I’ve finally decided to have breast reduction surgery this October. Though I’m excited about how my life will change afterward, I’m not excited about the rather bland choices of post-surgery bras. I know it’s silly to say but I’m tired of having to wear ugly bras. Thus, my question is: are there any post-surgery bras that look beautiful while helping me heal?’ – Heidi, Manchester

Answer: Body Allure’s post-surgery bras offer a sumptuous selection, from the cropped bra to the vest style, made with the smooth, breathable beauty of comfortable compression fabrics, French lace-inspired designs and elegant Rimoldi seaming. So these post-surgery bras give you the ultimate in feminine functionality.

Out of all Body Allure’s post-surgery bras, the Cropped Bra Style is perfect for breast reduction and lift, augmentation, mastectomy and mammoplasty. Despite their femininity, which exudes the craft of a French seamstress, this post-surgery bra comes with easy-to-fit, ‘simple to put on and take off’ functionality, including adjustable straps and simple hook and eye closures. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the closures, you can use the ultra-simple front and back zips.

What’s more, this post-surgery bra packs the smoothest support to help you heal while you get on with day-to-day living. Made with MicroFibre Stretch Tricot, this bra delivers comfortable-feeling compression, which reduces swelling, flushes excess liquids and decreases the risk of blood clots. And when it comes to that dreaded sneeze or cough, this post-surgery bra provides the control that curbs back the uncomfortable side effects of sudden movements.

Lastly, Body Allure offers silicone sheets, £20 each, that you can wear with the post-surgery bras. Silicone helps the healing process by keeping the area hydrated (use once the sutures have been removed and the wound has closed), letting the skin breathe, easing the tension on the skin and thus, reducing scars.

Body Allure’s post-surgery bras, including the Cropped Bra Style (comes in noir, champagne and champagne/noir in sizes extra small to extra large), are £59.99 each and available this Wednesday, September 10, 2014. Don’t forget, you can snag 10% off your first order until October 31, 2014. It’s recommended that you purchase two post-surgery bras, one to wear while the other’s in the wash.

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