Beauty Q and A: Reduce Stubborn Outer and Inner Thigh Fat without Needles

Question: ‘Though I workout every day and eat a low-fat diet, my outer and inner thigh fat bulges won’t go away. These fatty pockets make my legs look out of proportion, especially my outer thigh bulges, making shopping for size 10 dresses, skirts and trousers, especially skinny jeans, so difficult. To be honest, I’m so ashamed of them that I haven’t worn a bathing suit without a sarong since the birth of my first child and that was 10 years ago. I don’t want to have lipo because I’m terrified of needles. Do you know of a treatment to trim away outer and inner thigh fat that doesn’t require needles or surgery?’ –Anna, Buckinghamshire

Answer: To beautifully trim stubborn thigh bulges, here are two surgery- and needle-free treatments: CoolSculpting for grab-able inner thigh fat and the new CoolSmooth for annoyingly clingy saddlebags (outer thigh fat). Both treatments add controlled cooling to underlying fat cells in those areas, without damaging the skin’s surface or other tissues, such as bone and muscle. The controlled cooling causes icicles to form in the fat cells, which cause them to swell and finally break (cryolipolysis). The dead fat cells are removed from the body via the immune system. What’s more, both treatments reduce those saddlebags and inner thigh fatty bulges without anaesthetic, pain or downtime.

Although the fat-reducing method is the same, the difference between the treatments is the applicator. For inner-thigh fat, CoolSculpting’s applicator envelopes the bulge using suction. For outer thigh fat, CoolSmooth uses a uniquely curved applicator and innovative straps to better fit the outer thigh, making it the bulge buster for any size. Because unlike inner thigh fat, outer thigh fat is firm, as we all know, so it’s not suitable for suction-based fat reduction.

Expect to spend 120-trimming minutes for each outer thigh fat bulge. For the inner thigh fat, it’s 60-slimming minutes per thigh. You can also expect this outer and inner thigh fat treatment to feel virtually painless with a cool, numbing sensation. Plus, you can return to work right after the treatment(s). Finally, you can expect trouser-shopping success in your size (i.e. trimmer outer and inner thighs) in 16 weeks.

Side effects for the inner thigh fat treatment include: temporary tenderness and/or swelling and numbness, which goes away in a few weeks, and more. For outer thigh fat, patients may experience temporary numbness and tingling for a few days. Speak with a consultant for all possible side effects.

CoolSculpting for inner thigh fat, from £800, and CoolSmooth for outer thigh fat, from £800, are both available at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Buckinghamshire and  Bijoux MediSpa in London. To find these treatments in the UK at a clinic near you, visit

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  1. Hi,
    I’ve had my inner thighs done a year ago with Coolsculpting and absolutely no complaints. I’m thrilled with the results so I would love to have my outer thighs done, too. Just need to find the funds!

    Thanks EB for keeping me updated!

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