Remove Varnish Fast with Peel-Off, Non-Toxic Nail Varnish Brands

From a non-toxic nail varnish brand that peels off after a little soak in warm water to one that you can peel off straight away, these nail varnishes make home manicures more heavenly. Think about it: no more stinky nail varnish removers that use drying acetone, cotton wool, etc. Just pick your fave shade, glide it on and wait for it to dry. And when you fancy a change, peel it off to be simply and beautifully bare.

Little BU Paint On, Peel Off Nail Varnish (photo:above), £8.95 each, 9ml
For the vibrant varnish vixen, Little BU’s peel-off, non-toxic nail varnish range offers four beautifully bold, delightfully creamy shades: pinky red Georgina, teal Ava, orange Priya and fuchsia Rhea. Each off these peel-away pretty shades is water based, odourless and fabulously formulated without formaldehyde, DBP and toluene. So this non-toxic nail varnish is perfect for a little pampering while pregnant, for kids and anyone. And when you want to change shades, just peel the non-toxic nail varnish off from one corner.
How to apply: paint two coats and wait two minutes to dry.

Suncoat Polish and Peel Non-Toxic Nail VarnishSuncoat Polish and Peel Nail Varnish, £5.99 each, 8ml, that Peels Off with Water
With shades like deep Pink Dahlia to purple-brown Mulberry, Suncoat’s peel-off, non-toxic nail varnish spoils your tips with shade choice and leaves nails in long-lasting, pigment-packed mineral colour. Because it uses mineral pigments, your nails are lovingly liberated from yellowish discolouration, the need for base coats, etc. and the chemicals they harbour. What’s more, you can skip the cotton wool and icky-smelling nail varnish remover by simply soaking your nails in warm water for a few minutes so you can easily peel the varnish off from one corner.
How to apply: paint two coats for two days of wear.
This peel-away, non-toxic nail varnish is marvellously made without: formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene, acetates, synthetic dyes, alcohol and other harmful chemicals.

If you’re looking for a citrus-smelling natural nail varnish remover that’s certified cruelty-free by BUAV and vegan, try Fresh Therapies Eden Natural Nail varnish Remover.

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