Shireen: A Botox- and Needle-Free Wrinkle Treatment

Shireen is a needle-free wrinkle treatment that smoothes superficial lines and wrinkles in seconds without the sting or anaesthetic gel. Because it ‘pores’ hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance that binds water, instead of botox, into the skin, it’s the pinch-free alternative that plumps lines for a more natural look. Plus, it makes the whole smoothing process even less painful as it minimises swelling and more.

Smoothing without the Sting: This painless wrinkle treatment uses PoreJet, a needle-free injector, for the pinch-less ‘poring method’. The poring method atomises (breaks up into smaller particles) skin-plumping HA, anti-oxidising mannitol and water. This helps the smoothing Shireen fluid pass through the skin in a split second sans the sting.

Shireen: Needle-Free Wrinkle TreatmentHow this needle-free wrinkle treatment works: As we age, we don’t produce as much water-binding HA, collagen and elastin so the skin starts to shrink, squishing the layers of skin together. Moreover, each of the skin’s layer of cells (no longer separated by HA and water) in the epidermis start to stick together, especially when the skin is creased with repeated facial movements.

When pored on a fine to medium line, this needle-free wrinkle treatment does its de-crinkling wonders by plumping the line on the skin’s epidermis (outermost layers of skin) and on the basal layer (deepest layer of skin) with hydrating HA. HA separates the cell layers that are stuck together, unfolding the crinkle for fabulously smoother skin. And because this painless wrinkle treatment uses anti-oxidising mannitol, it will neutralise side effect-causing free radicals from the poring method to reduce days of pain, swelling and more.

Side effects of this needle-free wrinkle treatment may include: bruising, pinpoint bleeding, redness, occasional swelling and more. Post-treatment, avoid sun exposure, UV light, freezing temperatures and saunas two weeks after treatment. Also avoid exercise and alcohol for one day and extreme sports for several days.

To find a clinic that offers Shireen’s painless wrinkle treatment, from £70, visit or call 0845 116 8700. A session normally lasts 15 minutes. Two to three sessions are recommended, along with quarterly touch-ups, and the effects last for up to four months.

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  1. I hate needles so this sounds a much better alternative.

  2. After trying shireen, I would never go back to using Botox ever again. It was virtually painless and I didn’t have any needle marks or bruising or swollen bits. The best thing for me was not having to use the anesthetic gel because I get horrible swelling afterward.

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