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Skin-Reviving Radiance: Homemade Natural Body Wash

Smooth and brighten winter-ridden skin, leaving it perfectly clean and moisturised with these homemade natural body washes. And as always, you can find a bevy of natural body wash ingredients right in your kitchen. Since the signs of spring, including the warmer weather, are all around, get your skin ready to be on show.

For Normal Skin
For an instant natural body wash, mix 8 tablespoons of gram flour, 2 tablespoons of wheat husk and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice*. Then, add enough milk until the contents become thick and paste-like in consistency. Away from the shower’s stream, apply this natural body wash in circular motions on body. Rinse thoroughly. Gram flour and wheat husk, along with the lemon juice’s ascorbic acid, gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving skin cleaner and brighter. Milk is rich in moisturising fats that nourish and smooth dry skin.

For Sensitive Skin
Uplift, de-stress and relax your body with a skin-reviving oat special. To make this natural body wash, you will need a handful of finely ground oats for gentle exfoliation, 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed cucumber juice to quell irritation and soften beautifully and moisturising milk*. Again add enough milk until the ingredients are paste-like in consistency. Away from the shower’s stream, cleanse and nourish skin by massaging your body with this natural body wash. Then, rinse thoroughly.

For Oily Skin
Balance oils and brighten skin with this natural body wash: mix excess oil-stopping turmeric with lemon juice until it’s paste-like*. Then rub on the chest, back or shoulders or wherever you need it most. Let it sit on skin for as long as you can before rinsing. You can also this natural body wash on the face, just be careful around the eyes, mouth and angles of the nose. Tumeric is anti-androgenic, so it blocks the androgen hormone from stimulating the skin’s pores into oil overload. Lemon, on the other hand, is rich in anti-oxidising vitamin C and it gently exfoliates for brighter, clearer skin.

*Remember, before you try a natural body wash recipe that’s perfect for your skin type, do a patch test first!

By: Rinal Patel

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