Stay Forever Fresh: Healthy, Cruelty-Free Spring and Summer Make-Up

Feel light, fresh and guilt-free gorgeous with these cruelty-free spring and summer make-up essentials. Plus, these better-for-you brands skip those pesky, skin-aggravating ingredients, too!

Fresh-Feeling Foundations
Vitage Colour Mineral’s preservative-, filler- and cruelty-free make-up is a true double delight, made up of soothing skin care and the can’t-feel-it coverage of minerals, making it the perfect spring or summer make-up. And we mean can’t feel it, as some of their products use as few as three ingredients.  Two of their must-buy spring or summer make-up must-haves: Natural Daily Perfector mousse, £25, available in three shades, and Natural Mineral Foundation powder, £24, available in four shades. Both are infused with anti-oxidising Brazilian green tea, anti-inflammatory golden seaweed and pigment-packed minerals. The Natural Daily Perfector (11 ingredients) is the ultimate summer make-up essential for those who want a primer, mineral mousse and anti-aging skin care in one. For powder fans, the Natural Mineral Foundation (just seven ingredients) bestows the mar-free magic of mineral make-up, plus anti-oxidants. Vitage Colour Minerals are also available in select stores.

Powder Perfectors
Free of cruelty, parabens, talc, petroleum and mineral oils and more, YoungBlood Hi-DEF Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder, £32, is that summer make-up must for flawless freshness. Using anti-inflammatory licorice root and healing minerals rhodolite and zincite, this powder feels cool and soothing while mattifying excess oil without sapping skin of moisture. Dust on top of your foundation. Also available in select stores. To keep eye make-up from fading fast in the hot weather, glide on Vitage Colour Minerals Perfect & Diffuse, £14. This cruelty-free make-up is also a multi-tasking wonder as it conceals dark circles, scars and more without that cakey look or feeling.

Non-Sticky Lipstick
Made with the non-stick moisturising magic of organic jojoba oil, candelillia wax, rose wax and more, Lush’s liquid lipsticks, £14.50, are the perfect won’t-melt summer make-up. And even though they’re liquid, they give a true hue like a real lipstick but without the stickiness that catches hair on a windy day. Plus when faded, they leave a nice tint and each colour has a positive affirmation so you feel the power of the hue you chose. Their cruelty-free make-up is also available in Lush stores.

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