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Stop Wrinkles While You Sleep: The Anti-Aging Pillowcase

Give your face a smoother start to the day with Circadia’s anti-aging pillowcase. Because, one of the biggest crinkle-causing culprits is sleeping, namely on the wrong pillowcase, which crinkles and stretches skin, leading to lines. But with this anti-aging pillowcase, your skin will be kept smooth because this pillowcase will stay crinkle free and stop skin from being stretched.

Non-Stick Smoothness: When you sleep, the skin’s moisture (mainly water) makes a cotton, silk or satin pillowcase stick to your face. And as your head sinks into the pillow, the pillowcase stretches and because it’s stuck to your face, your skin stretches, too. This weakens the dermal collagen by overstretching its fibres and because we lose 7% collagen per year from age 20, our skin doesn’t stay as taut and that’s what makes it easy for wrinkles seep in. Circadia’s anti-aging pillowcase keeps skin smooth by drawing the moisture through its hydrophobic (doesn’t absorb water) nylon fibres, straight into its water-loving cotton backing. So, since this anti-aging pillowcase stays dry, your skin won’t stick to it, won’t be stretched and will stay smooth, too.

Another pretty plus, the anti-aging pillowcase’s hydrophobic nylon fibres will only draw excess moisture from the surface of your skin and because they’re water-hating they won’t keep wicking away precious moisture (like cotton) overnight keeping skin perfectly moisturised. And it’s machine washable too.

Crinkle-Free Wonder: This anti-aging pillowcase packs more keep-skin-smooth power by staying crinkle free. When the pillowcase crinkles, caused by tossing and turning, your skin, which is stuck to it, will get crinkled, too. So by staying dry and using 20,000 crinkle-free microfilament nylon fibres per square inch, your skin will be smooth, too.

Circadia’s anti-aging pillowcase, £55, is available at in the UK and internationally.

For more botox-free anti-aging products that plump sunken under eyes and de-crinkle the lines you already have overnight, adding another smoothing dose to this anti-aging pillowcase, click here.

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  1. Great article! This is why I love this site. You also cater to us girls who want to stop wrinkles in their tracks with more natural solutions, instead of botox.

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