Suddenly Slimmer:  Increase Your Inch Loss with the Elite Universal Contour Wrap

Let’s be honest, when trying to get fit with diet and exercise, we’ve all stood in front of the mirror and muttered at least once: ‘If I could just lose a few more inches here…’  And for some of us, no matter how much exercise we do and healthy food we eat, there are those body areas that are annoyingly inch-loss proof.

And hey, one to two inches here and there might not mean much to some. But if it means the difference between you feeling confident, instead of self-conscious, then it means something to us. So, if you are looking for instant inch loss, we’ve got a surgery-free way to compliment the hard work you put into your diet and exercise regime.

The Elite Universal Contour (Body) Wrap, £75 to £90, available at select salons (call 0845 600 0203), isn’t like most conventional body wraps as it doesn’t rely on dehydration or fat loss. Instead, the Elite body wrap provides instant inch loss by wrapping clay- and mineral-soaked bandages, which contain salts, such as sodium chloride, around your body to draw water-loving toxins from your skin. Also, by using a warm blanket’s gentle micro-electrical stimulation, your muscles contract, which then help the lymphatic system (tiny tubes that carry water) to drain (or push) excess water into your blood’s circulation.

In just one 90-minute wrap treatment, clients have seen a loss between ten to 14 inches and around 25 inches over three treatments. That’s three dress sizes. Another beautiful bonus, the Elite Universal Contour (Body) Wrap  guarantees a  six-inch loss on your first treatment (or you don’t pay) and that you should keep it off for 30 days or you’ll be given a free treatment. Make sure to follow their after-care treatment guidelines, such as drinking plenty of still water, avoiding hot baths after treatment, etc.

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