The Botox-Free Frown Line Treatment: Environ Frown Treatment

Whether it’s because we squint at the computer, lie on one side when we sleep or make that stress-induced worried face (you know the one), frown lines are crinkling their way across our foreheads.  What’s more to frown about: botox’s pinch and its price (starting from £199). But for those of us looking for a pinch-free solution to soften frown lines safely and naturally, there’s botox-free Environ Frown line Treatment, £80 for a 45-minute session.

So how does this worry (and frozen) face-free treatment for frown lines work? First, you are treated to a thorough cleansing and toning. Then, the Environ Focus Frown Serum, along with a vitamin A and C serum, is smoothed on. This face-firming serum uses three ingredients: argireline, reduces the depth of pesky frown lines caused by repeated facial expressions on the forehead and around the eyes; leuphasy, softens and helps block muscle contraction; and vialox, makes muscles less responsive to nerve impulses.

To deliver this skin-smoothing frown treatment past the skin’s natural barrier, the Environ Ionzyme machine, used on the forehead and on crow’s feet, breaks down the molecules into smaller and easier-to-pass-through ions with pulsed electric current. This frown-fighting tool, using low-frequency sound waves, can also help bigger molecules (that can’t be broken down) get past the skin by creating temporary (and tiny) channels. Next in the frown line treatment: a cool, skin-quenching alginate mask in smoothed on the crinkle-prone areas and electrodes, delivering pulsed galvanic current to help the serum seep in more, are put on. All while you relax for another ten dreamy minutes. All while this frown line treatment increases your collagen and elastin levels, too.

For maximum smoothness, six frown line treatments are recommended (once or twice a week), along with Environ products for at-home care. No serious side effects*, no serious dent in your purse, no needle marks and there’s no need to think that fighting frown lines has to mean a frozen face either.

To find location that offers Environ’s Frown line Treatment near you, telephone 0208 450 2020 or visit

*Though very rare, there are minimal side effects.

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