Treat those Tresses: Malibu C Natural Hair Treatments for Swimmers, Blondes and More

From bleached blondes to hard water-ravaged hair, Malibu C spoils you with a selection of natural hair treatments to mend that mane. Packed with anti-oxidising vitamin C, it protects your hair from damage and breakage. What’s more, these 100% vegan hair treatment sachets cost from £1.69 each and skip those scalp-aggravating ingredients, such as sulphates, DEA, gluten, fragrance and more.

Natural Hair Treatments for Coloured and Chemically Treated Hair: Get your strands ready for that new shade with Colour Prepare, £2.99. This natural hair treatment helps pigment seep into locks for more vixen vibrancy. It also stops peroxide from oxidising, saving your scalp from irritation and burning. And if you’ve made a serious colour blunder, try the hair colour-removing saviour, Colour Correction, £2.99. This vegan hair treatment gets rid of the colour, minerals and pesky colour blockers (perfect if you need to re-colour later) naturally. And don’t forget about the Crystal Gel, £4.39, which is pretty prep (i.e. removing build up and discolouration) for all chemical processes.

Natural Hair Treatment for Hard Water: The Hard Water vegan hair treatment, £2.99, removes hair-ravaging minerals, volume-stopping residues while moisturising that wire-wool mane.

Natural Hair Treatment for Swimmers: Removing that gruesome green shade caused by copper build up, along with other mad-mane minerals, this Swimmers-specific vegan hair treatment, £2.99, rescues your hair and restores that radiance.

Natural Hair Treatment for Blondes: The Blondes treatment frees natural or bottle blondes from ashy and brassy tones for a more heavenly hue that’s marvellously moisturised, £2.99.

Natural Hair Treatments for Dry, Damaged Hair and Flaky Scalp: Using botanicals and vitamin crystals, Scalp Therapy, £3.79, puts a pretty stop to a flaky scalp, caused by psoriasis, dandruff or eczema. And last for less, Miracle Repair’s plant proteins and vitamins will resurrect even the most ravaged manes, £1.69.

*For application instructions, see sachet.

By: Rinal Patel; Edited by: Christina Caicedo

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