Use Your Body’s Heat to Reduce Cellulite with MACOM+ Crystal Smooth

To enjoy bump-free bliss this summer and year round, MACOM+ Crystal Smooth’s ridiculously comfortable legwear helps to reduce cellulite and more using your body’s own heat, which boosts blood flow and beautifully lessens fat build up. All you have to do is wear them for at least six hours a day to get the smoother skin you crave. What’s more, unlike other garments, they have a light and forgiving fit, as in no heavily elasticated bands around the waist or around the legwear’s cuff (meaning no rolls), so you can wear them under trousers, dresses, pyjamas, etc. Thus, you can reduce cellulite anytime with these comfortable and undetectable delights.

How MACOM+ Crystal Smooth legwear works: Because insufficient blood circulation causes temperature differences in the body,  excess liquid (lymph) builds up and causes the fat cells to swell and due to a decrease in collagen production (the net-like tissue that keeps skin taut) after age 20,  these swollen fat cells stick out because the skin is less taut. To reduce cellulite, the legwear’s Emana fabric is beautifully built with bioactive crystals that absorb your body’s heat and gives it back as skin-smoothing far infrared rays (invisible rays that generate heat when absorbed by skin and other substances but don’t damage or burn the skin like ultraviolet rays). So when these rays go through the skin, they regulate the temperature (thermoregulation), helping to distribute the heat evenly without dehydration. This helps to reduce cellulite by boosting blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, stopping the fat cells from swelling. Moreover, the legwear helps to reduce cellulite by stimulating cellular metabolism, which promotes collagen production, elasticity and more. Plus, better blood microcirculation lessens lactic acid in the muscles after a workout so you don’t have to wait too long to recover. And unlike other legwear, they keep their smoother skin-inducing properties for life, even after washing.

So, make sure to workout while wearing MACOM+ Crystal Smooth legwear, too. Because, more heat means more heavenly smooth skin.

MACOM+ Crystal Smooth legwear is available in sizes extra small (UK 4 to 6), small (UK 8 to 10), medium (UK 12 to 14) and large ( UK 14+) and comes in black or champagne. Choose from the low-waist cycling shorts, £80; high-waist cycling shorts, £100; or the high-waist leggings, £120.

Note: to reduce cellulite, wear them for 6 hours a day over a 60 day period.

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